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PVN Expressway to be ready only by May ’09

TIMES NEWS NETWORK 24th July 2008, Hyderabad edition Hyderabad: It will be a longer wait for air passengers waiting for the completion of P V Narsimha Rao Expressway to ease their travel woes. The complete commissioning of P V Narasimha Rao Expressway has been postponed once again, this time till May 2009. The construction of the 11.5 km P V Narasimha Rao Expressway from Sarojini Devi Hospital at Mehdipatnam to Aramgarh crossroads started in August 2006. The Rs 438 crore express highway project was expected to be completed in 26 months and be ready by October 2008. With the delay in the commissioning, the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (Huda) has come up with an alternate proposal, of opening a part of the flyover for use. Huda vice-chairman K S Jawahar Reddy told ‘TOI’ that Huda had sent a proposal to the government about opening the partially completed flyover. So far, only 4 km stretch of the expressway from SD Eye Hospital to Hyderguda has been completed. Officials sai

The making of PVNR Express Highway

Here is an update of the PV Narasimha Rao Express highway that is under construction in hyderabad. This connects Sarojini Devi Hospital with Aramgarh Cross road with a total of 11.6 KM. Once completed this could be the longest elevated highway in india. There seems to be around 320(approx, I found pillar number 290 before Aramgarh cross raod and a rough estimate of around 20 to 30 pillars further) Pillars that will be erected in total. At present pillars are erected till Upparpally X road. There are few left overs around musi river and hyderguda area (in total around 10 pillars). In total There are around 175 pillars constructed till now (approx). Pre-fabricated units are arranged between the pillars instead of layout the slab for the elevated highway. In some places(Especially when there are curves), it is done manually which takes lot of time. A quick observation about the work gives you undestanding of the present status of th work. Other than the starting ramp construction, every t

Pollution check

Look at this snap depicting intersting scenario. Not sure of the other cities but in hyderabad, some people are experts in rocket science. I guess Kalam might have got the motivation from hyderabad. See this scooter rocket, mistakenly travelling on the roads, rather than onto space. May be that is the reason, these rocket scooters do not display any vehicle number. We can call this technology as SSTV, scooter satellite travelling vehicle. If you are a hyderabadi and are used to inner ring road, you will find aero express planes(GMR aero express buses), plying on the roads. Those junk outdated old volvo buses with new look and feel, create hell lot of pollution, You feel like hell if you are lucky enough to go behind of a GMR bus on your bike. Well, I checked with RTA, these people not bothered about GMR organized proliferation of pollution as a free gift to the new metro city of india.

Abhinav in July 2008

Here is a snap of Abhinav, my son. He looks really cute.

Sign Board and bullock cart

See the interesting snaps near Aramgarh X road (cross of Inner ring road and NH7). First there is a sign board and bullock cart. Ayyayyoo...few steps bt bullock cart and the sign board gone. :-)