Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pollution check

Look at this snap depicting intersting scenario. Not sure of the other cities but in hyderabad, some people are experts in rocket science. I guess Kalam might have got the motivation from hyderabad.

See this scooter rocket, mistakenly travelling on the roads, rather than onto space. May be that is the reason, these rocket scooters do not display any vehicle number.
We can call this technology as SSTV, scooter satellite travelling vehicle.

If you are a hyderabadi and are used to inner ring road, you will find aero express planes(GMR aero express buses), plying on the roads. Those junk outdated old volvo buses with new look and feel, create hell lot of pollution, You feel like hell if you are lucky enough to go behind of a GMR bus on your bike.

Well, I checked with RTA, these people not bothered about GMR organized proliferation of pollution as a free gift to the new metro city of india.

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