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into SEED

Today's intro call with Ananth was really exiting. It is good to be in a big company like infosys, but still enjoying the luxury of small company (like work on anything you want (technical) and as much as you want ). It is rare to get this kind of opportunity. Let me see how things go. It is all about making things better and making mutual benefit out of the tasks (me, learning and the company.. towards more business).

broken hope

At last I decided to drop from the marriage proposal that was on the way. My family is not at all interested which made me sick. I tried to convince them for some extent. They looked positive at times, But then again negative. It is painful experience for me after coming to hyderabad. No marriage thoughts again in the near future. Though i am on bench, I am working with some team here. Today I am introduced to my new boss (he sits in Bangalore). So things are going great on work side. Atleast this one is going fine.

hyderabad life

It was boring some times, and interesting other times. i met some of my old friends. I was able to drive 30 km (from my brother place to infy campus) within 1 hour. This is something that might not happen in bangalore :-). The roads are big and there are less signals and the traffic always keeps moving which is different from bangalore. I am into work now (from bench :-) ) Thanks to Srini Rao and suresh for asking me to look into webservices stuff in java.

life @ infy

It looks great!

Digital Harbor

In few days from now I am going to leave Bangalore. It was nice working with Digital Harbor. A place where I lived not just worked. I had all kinds of people. I fought with almost every one in the office (for office work,but often misunderstood). I had elations when my code worked and when things didnt work, it really sucked. It was altogether a different and pecular experience. From a services background coming to a product company just for a change.... but later on growing love on the product..learning it bit by bit, and again into services team using the same product, I learned and tried to contribute the the product. The Composite Applications domain is a vast one having bright future. For Digital Harbor, the only concern is what we are aiming at? is it the big pie of the total market, or just want to be a player in the market with few clients? or make ROI look interesting some how and sell it to somebody. I am not much aware of the long term goals of the company, but this is the r