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Mahima orphanage work to begin

Finally, we are starting it. After some strain, few visits and lot of time and discussions, we are starting the work at Mahima orphanage near vikarabad. It is a big thing that I am doing this year and Hopefully it should be ready before new year kicks in. It is bigger than the warangal orphange project (Dyvakrupa orphanage). In fact multiple times of it.  we are planning a big shelter with 10 to 13 lakhs of Indian currency. I am getting bore with regular life, hope to see some change to happen in the near future. It may happen. On the regular things, one is corruption. it is so much part of each one of us in some way or the other. I like this picture. All govt schemes are finally like this. Multi tier corruption makes the real beneficiaries getting very little. Cann't we do something about it? we can. Let us raise RTI requests, shout on corruption and importantly NEVER PAY A BRIBE even if it means taking off for a day or half.

Mahima orphanage vikarabad

My two visits to Vikarabad and earlier visits to Mahima orphange in chandanagar are now towards a concrete action plan to build a proper shelter for the orphan home (also houses old age people and HIV infected ones). I along with collegues at IVY Comptech (called Sparsh group @IVY) have pooled up around 6.5L so far from contributions of employees who are interested in this activity. This is really decent amount to build them a 35*140 size shelter, which could accomodate around 150 to 200 people (including kids). Overall, I am happy with the progress, in another 2 to 3 months, we will have the structure ready. This is my 2nd activity(first one being the Dyvakrupa orphan home at secunderabad thanda, near Mahbubabad, Warangal district. I worked with my friends at TMAD   to pool up 3L and build them facilities. It was quicker at TMAD as there is no delay in decision making). I must take some break after this activity, There has been too many activities this year and it is being grow