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Why people? Not leaders

The events that are happening in this southern part of India are really sad. There are leaders who are trying to make this visibility and political career with the separate state and the united state arguments. Unfortunately, the students and the people are becoming scapegoats and are loosing their lives in the name of sacrifices. Surprisingly the so called leaders who are on hunger strike for more than a week are suddenly finding lot of energy to walk and run away to different places. I am not sure if they are born with lot of energy to live without food for that many days. I have tried this (living on without eating any food but with water alone) an year back or so but was about to live normal for 3 or 4 days but not more than that. These guys I believe are are pretending hunger strikes. And poor people believe this as true and thinking that either seperate statehood is good or bad, jumping into agitation mode. Irony is that there are people around 100 or more than that who committe

New entry

Here is the snap of my 2nd son.

Chrome on ubuntu

It is nice to see the chrome beta released with support for Linux. I installed in my laptop immediately once I found about it in some discussion on LinkedIn. Its beautiful, it is faster, and I can read eenadu as well without any problem. The faster time to load an application is always an advantage. with lesser memory footprint chrome is really impressive. I am loving it.