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Manila experience

It was a great trip to this Asian city of Manila (Philippines) Great realization is the Taipe airport, they got so many connections across the globe, lot more than what our Indian cities have got. Being a small island nation, I thought this airport won't be that big, but it has got really good connectivity. Even the connecting flight to Manila,I thought it will be a smaller one with less capacity but it was full blown Boeing 747 400 with huge capacity. China airline runs flights twice a day to Manila.  Big crowd travelling all the time. Another interesting thing about Taiwan is about its identity itself. It looks like it is an independent country but China thinks it is part of mainland china. It needs some deeper understanding on the political conflicts.  Taiwan (Also known as ROC - Republic Of China) and China (People Republic of China/mainland china) terms are interesting for people with interest in geography and contemporary political history. Some interesting facts about


Its new client this February with new domain (SDN - Software Defined Networks)  through Innominds. First thing I like with Infinera is the bus route. VTA 26 goes straight without any deviations (unlike 55) and takes around 15 min of journey on bus from fair oaks to java drive, that is really cool. Other real cool thing for me with this bus is, it actually gets filled unlike the 55 which often looks like my  private charter bus. Infinera, for me looks like mini cisco, they got all kinds of devices for networking and are getting ready for all kinds of high speed networks for the future. Looks interesting (and bit alien for me because of the fact that I come from applications domain). The first 2 days of training by Ron Litchy on agile was very good. I really enjoyed to an extent that I went ahead and created a website ( ) taking cue from the training. Agile/Scrum is something most often talked about (well, as kashyap says on his FB shared article about rec

Rohit and Rekha

The movement and the reactive response I see for Rohit is missing the core point of living people facing problems and how do we resolve it? When compared to Rohit issue, I was more saddened by the self immolation of +2 girl Rekha in Nalgonda district, she kept asking her father for building toilet but he didn't bother and it was too much insulting for her that she immolated herself. Overall thing is what next and how do we resolve the problem. Not many people are really looking a t the root cause of this and resolving the issues.  We need to get rid of the caste and religion based preferential treatment at all levels. As much as one want to practice his religion, he could practice his caste too but as long as it does't trouble others. There must be strict regulation that makes necessary fear factor in the society for any crime in this category while avoiding abuse. Provide special opportunities for poor people (not based on religion or caste but just based on the econom

Management maintenance

I like this quote of Winston Churchil, "Responsibility is the price of greatness". It's a short sentence having lot of meaning for the managers. The following page in the maintenance technology magazine is also applicable for managers particularly from software industry too.  It just seemed to be that it is apt for any industry for any type of management (including leaders of nations).

Thought worker

(this is a very old post was in draft state and published it latest, wanted to write lot more but now its old enough to discard editing more) Recently I attended the recruitment process at thought works, hyderabad. I loved the overall interaction absolutely. Many times interviewers are like spell checkers, they check how much you mugged the dictionary (terms, definitions, individual minute details of each work flow etc on the technology areas that you claim to work so far). Thought works is  completely different, I  keep telling my teams and people I mentor the importance of learnability. The number of years that we spend into a job/career most often lead you to accustom to  certain type of culture, technology and thought process and the very same thing that seem to make you strong often becomes your weakest point too! Adaptability and ability to unlearn and learn new things is what rules the world in any domain. Thoughtworks exactly focusses on these aspects.  I remember Bha

Appraisals - the reviews that we fake

The annual rituals (at some places they do it twice an year) at companies is an interesting exercise from external world but often executed in a boring way. Intended goals of appraisals in general are: Review the progress. Success, failure and any learnings to be made. Retrospect everything Set the goals for next cycle Pay revision and role changes. Help management to plan the finances and projects/vision for the next cycle, next set of years. What we usually do: Manager pretends to be someone else (most often). He suddenly becomes a judge of the situation and the employee feels really hopeless because Apply sandwitch model (praise him in the beginning and tell all bad things and then again praise him what he is good at to give him feel good factor). Employee is told that he didn't deliver something not defined.  If he has done something correctly,it is nothing great because he is supposed to do it. Lot of lectures on what he should/shouldn'

The Japanese experience

It seemed really interesting to learn about Japan, this tiny country the way they tried to build their empire similar to British (they were successful but for short period of time and for some adventurous decisions). I was not sure where the pearl harbour is, though I have seen the movie couple of times, I was thinking it might be on the east coast or west coast but actually it is in Hawaii islands that belong to USA off west coast. All the while I was thinking that Japan made stupid thing by attacking Pearl harbor, but then it was a preemptive attack so that USA doesn't stop them in south east asian colonies ( Korea ,  Philippines , Vietnam , Combodia , D utch east indies  etc. Japan occupied Manchuria   part of china too (held for around 15 years or so). The primary reasons for the additional colonies for Japan, as per my understanding is: 1. Japan was the only country in Asia that had the very early development and lot of industrial growth.  2. Their population

2015 An year of surprises

The year 2015 has been full of surprises for me both good and bad. Interestingly I continued the same Job through out the year and worked with a good team that I could mentor and we delivered really good through out the year.  That is on the professional front. Planned gkey (Key to Government) project but couldn't deliver, that makes me another failing entrepreneur, I still feel I can deliver something good and all my efforts should be towards the same. My mother's health was a matter of concern, but could spend better time in the village. Needed to fight with agencies causing trouble to my mother. It still pains me how the government employees are a big failure in terms of treating people properly.  We are living in a highly corrupted society (including all of us), I did complain to the CM asking his apologies. It is not just about  my mother but every other aged person who is making rounds to government offices for person or loan waiver or what ever govt schemes are