Thought worker

(this is a very old post was in draft state and published it latest, wanted to write lot more but now its old enough to discard editing more)

Recently I attended the recruitment process at thought works, hyderabad.

I loved the overall interaction absolutely. Many times interviewers are like spell checkers, they check how much you mugged the dictionary (terms, definitions, individual minute details of each work flow etc on the technology areas that you claim to work so far).

Thought works is  completely different, I  keep telling my teams and people I mentor the importance of learnability. The number of years that we spend into a job/career most often lead you to accustom to  certain type of culture, technology and thought process and the very same thing that seem to make you strong often becomes your weakest point too!

Adaptability and ability to unlearn and learn new things is what rules the world in any domain. Thoughtworks exactly focusses on these aspects.  I remember Bharath or vikram saying, there is nothing like a Java developer or Ruby developer, project to project it could change. Basically we grow a step ahead and feel the becoming of a technology agnostic developer/programmer while retaining the fundamentals  of solving problems by writing code. This helps us being a person who doesn't just like a particular technology because he has been working on it (and never had exposure to rest of the world).


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