The Japanese experience

It seemed really interesting to learn about Japan, this tiny country the way they tried to build their empire similar to British (they were successful but for short period of time and for some adventurous decisions). I was not sure where the pearl harbour is, though I have seen the movie couple of times, I was thinking it might be on the east coast or west coast but actually it is in Hawaii islands that belong to USA off west coast.

All the while I was thinking that Japan made stupid thing by attacking Pearl harbor, but then it was a preemptive attack so that USA doesn't stop them in south east asian colonies (KoreaPhilippines, Vietnam, Combodia, Dutch east indies etc.

Japan occupied Manchuria  part of china too (held for around 15 years or so). The primary reasons for the additional colonies for Japan, as per my understanding is:

1. Japan was the only country in Asia that had the very early development and lot of industrial growth. 
2. Their population was growing very fast. land was limited and they wanted more space for the Japanese people. Occupied Korea but that is a small piece of land, so started with China(Manchuria, the eastern part of China closure to Japan) and extended their attempts to increase towards east asian countries.
3. Resources

USA wanted to stop Japanese encroachments and I think it made certain rules to stop supplies (primarily the oil ) to Japan and that would severely impact Japanese army (air force, navy too). 

So Japan's plan was to attack the USA navy and they were actually successful in dismantling the USA navy on the west coast (looks like USA had most of its west coast navy at Pearl harbor).

Infact, Japan thought they could invade USA so that they can get oil supplies and then take over entire china too.

If not for the USA's bombs on Japan, it could probably have slightly different result or extended war and could have different results altogether.

Linking this with Subash Chandra Bose's  plans to liberate India from British rule with Indian supoys who joined in INA (Indian National Army), I think at least Indians need to be taught about the history correctly.

I don't think I learned about this in any of the history classes as a student. Given the widespread information through wikipedia and quora etc, probably the smart governments in India should invest and focus on getting the history right as it holds lot of motivation to all of us.

It is not about right or wrong, but knowing things as they happened.  Life is always about survival and when there is a conflict it was most often resulted in a physical war in the history.

Back to the present, the way USA negotiated terms with Arab countries and made US Dollar as the defacto standard of the world (It was gold earlier) giving an undue advantage to USA to print as much currency as it wished and it could trigger all troubles outside of USA so that world is busy trying to sort out their own issues leaving USA a safer country, it looks a great game plan by USA. They outsourced every damn thing to the rest of the world and we see that China is struggling with pollution already.  They don't cut their forest, but mexico and brazil does  to feed the USA.

The USA's value is in its currency, people forgot savings concept and enjoying life by spending all the money and USA government is getting richer with taxes and by selling their arms to countries (that it actually triggered wars).

Even the so called terrorism source is USA, it fostered all the bad guys for its own advantage to rein in USSR/Russia etc and then that has become a bigger than USA issue and every other country is paying for it.

If not it's patronizing the taliban, Afghan could have been a better place, if not for Iraq attack, ISIS could never have born.

The world needs better balancing act, USA can not rule the world like this. Indians need to learn lessons from past and the present and plan for a stronger and better world that coexists with all countries. 

It could be to start with Pakistan to help it get an identity, Pakistan never had an identity and it primarily has been living with "hate india" campaign. I think it was slightly better until 90s in terms of quality of living but then eventually it started lagging behind a lot.

India need to build peace with its neighbours and reduce the help it needs from developed nations. Probably we need to train people and export them to the places where it needed. It could mean that invading the world in a different format, but I think we have to do that. Fill the world with Indians who are disciplined and focussed and highly learned. If not if we just go after industrialization, then we will face many problems that the developed nations (say Korea etc) are facing. There will be big fight between the youth and the old for jobs. I heard from my korean colleague that government forces seniors over 50 to quit jobs by decreasing salaries (60 is their retirement age), so after 50 or 55 their salaries start getting reduced instead of increasing. And their concern is that they have more responsibilities at this age to support their children who need to study college that cost big money etc.

So overall, the focus should be on learning from the past, and from the current issues from developed nations so that we don't hit exactly same set of problems after 20 years or so when we are a developed nation.


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