The inhumane war

The unfortunate byproduct of flagging every revolt as terrorism act and making innocents pay their life for it, does not actually solve but makes it complex and bigger.

There is too much of support to Israel and the age old American policies blindly supports, enemy of friend as enemy. Thousands of innocents lost lives on other side of fence and still losing. 

Humans are not equival. Jews and Christians have more value to life than others or could it be that countries with higher per capital income have their people valued more.

Time magazine recent cover shows trauma of the Oct 7 Massacre, what about innocent people losing life every day on other side ?  

It is unfortunate and uncomforting thing that those who still survive this, what stories they tell about it?.what happens to the kids who are facing problems now? Will they turn out to be loyal fans of west? or are they going to revolt?

Science has developed so much but unfortunately simple facts are being ignored. 


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