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An year of mixed feelings

2013 seemed like a fast paced one.I never thought I will go to Delhi/Gurgaon but 2012 made that magic and 2013 has taken that fun out of life. Sudden demise of my father was a biggest shock for me. Family suffered because of my absence in Hyderabad and I needed to come back.  Had lot of time to kill as I was away from home most part of the year and I was able to use it for upgrading my web development skills and setting up base for my entrepreneurial skills. I had good run for careerscale  with yourpost assignment in october-dec 2013 period and some trainings occassionally with intone and wiziq  as clients. TMAD continued to be a key area of interest for me (and it will remain), major achievement was to get the mahima orphan home construction work done (honestly, laxman should deserve most of the credit from Ivy comptech for his tireless dedicated effort for completing the INR 16L shed for mahima at vikarabad) was a major achievement and also couple of education cases (one MBBS stu

Irony within

I am not sure what is getting attention of the nation is what it should be.  Delhi rape case that got so much attention is bit surprising for me. How many such instance are getting reported by media say from villages and towns? If the Delhi rape happened in some remote village would it have been in the lime light? What we conveniently neglect is  the domestic violence about men and woman and the problems with brought up of our generations. We only focus some thing grave to happen and react. I know few friends who  have serious complaints against their mother - in laws who never let them eat properly even when during pregnancy. I think many of our problems are not gender against gender. How I have been brought up and How I am going to bring up my kids and how I deal with every other person in the society also makes a lot of difference to the society. Media is so tempting with publicity that instead of stopping violence, people may be forced to commit crime to get the media attention

Missing Radio

Radio, an integral part of my childhood world, is surprisingly missing. The BBC, Voice Of America, The deutsche Radio etc and their India centric programs used to attract me. Radio was a great tool to research, change frequencies and try to discover new channels and their program schedule etc. German radio used to send me their quarterly program schedule through post and it was a great thing for me. Also Srilanka radio and then lot of christian channels etc. Particularly the christian channel speakers are really good, they were convincing enough to come back to the channel again. Thursday night and sunday 3PM plays on radio were always used to be great. Feeling missing the Radio (watching Rajanna(Telugu) movie at present)

I miss you Nanna

Babu, you could have avoided this sudden shock.  Every item in the house is reminding of you and unfinished work. You could have finished what ever you have dreamed of. It was too early to quit. I could have spent more time with you. As a father understand your unconditional love towards us. You are soldier trying to fight for us. From utter poverty and almost lost everything,  our fight is in the right direction. We are towards success. But your sudden disappearance is leaving us helpless. I might be better educated and earning better pay, still I dont know many things that you are master of. I dont know how to pack my things.  I dont know how to smile in neck deep problems. If I have a small problem , I shout,  I dont know how to live with uncertainty.  You loved the kids. I am sorry Nanna, I coudn't bring my kids to you as often as you wanted. In the run for career and stupid family problem, I neglected you so much. I thought getting back your respect by building house was a

Delhi Metro and Duranto Express

I am back from Hyderabad to Gurgaon today.  It was interesting to Travel in Metro and then in DURANTO express to Secunderabad from H. Nizamuddin station in Delhi. Before the travel, I was searching on internet to find out what is the best way to reach H. Nizamuddin from DLF Cyber Terraces (Build 5C). The best way to reach H. Nizamuddin from Gurgaon is to get Yellow Line to Rajiv Chowk. I boarded at Sikunderpur since that is just 1 KM distance from my office. Yellow Line starts from HUDA City Center and goes through Rajiv chowk till Jahangirpuri. We need to get down at Rajiv Chowk and switch to Blue Line  (You need to climb up to next floor to get to Blue Line, Don't worry the indicators help you) as the nearest metro station for H. Nizamuddin is Indraprastha.  I think it is the 4th station from Rajiv Chowk.  The Public Announcement System in the metro trains will help us get down at the right place. You can opt to buy a smart card instead of a token (ticket), as you can t