Monday, February 04, 2013

Delhi Metro and Duranto Express

I am back from Hyderabad to Gurgaon today.  It was interesting to Travel in Metro and then in DURANTO express to Secunderabad from H. Nizamuddin station in Delhi.

Before the travel, I was searching on internet to find out what is the best way to reach H. Nizamuddin from DLF Cyber Terraces (Build 5C).

The best way to reach H. Nizamuddin from Gurgaon is to get Yellow Line to Rajiv Chowk. I boarded at Sikunderpur since that is just 1 KM distance from my office. Yellow Line starts from HUDA City Center and goes through Rajiv chowk till Jahangirpuri.

We need to get down at Rajiv Chowk and switch to Blue Line (You need to climb up to next floor to get to Blue Line, Don't worry the indicators help you) as the nearest metro station for H. Nizamuddin is Indraprastha.  I think it is the 4th station from Rajiv Chowk.  The Public Announcement System in the metro trains will help us get down at the right place.

You can opt to buy a smart card instead of a token (ticket), as you can top up as needed and also that is nothing specific to a particular person. You can share with anyone you would like to, when you do not travel.

From Indraprastha station, you can take an auto who charge 50/- to drop you at H. Nizamuddin. I think bus service is also available but I was not so sure so to avoid missing my train, I opted to go by Auto.

Duranto is better as it takes less than 22 hours to Secunderabad and no passenger stops in the middle. It does stop at few places (called Technical stops). But the bookings are from H. Nijamuddin to Secunderabad directly. After the price revision it costs around 800 bucks for a sleeper booking for one person. This includes 2 water bottles (one on day 1, and other one on day 2 of journey).Tea is served few times. Dinner, break fast and Lunch are provided in the train itself (The fare is inclusive of food). You can opt for veg or non verg. Under non veg you get egg curry instead of vegetable curry in lunch/dinner and for breakfast you get bread amlet.  But beware the catering team will try to skip one water bottle and they also collect tips from each passenger (min. 10 rupees), I am going to raise a complaint to IRCTC on the same since I captured video of the same. Also the cleaner comes separately for tips. You do not find him to do any cleaning other than asking for tips.

Otherwise this train is good since it starts around 4PM (3.50PM) and reaches Secunderabad around 1.30 / 2 PM next day. You are left with half a day with you once you reach Secunderabad.  Also the return journey on Sunday starts at 1.30 PM at Secunderabad and reaches H. Nizamuddin on Monday morning around 11 AM (though they say it is 10.35, it can be any time before 11.30 AM).

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