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We are all wired...

I took off today to see "Agritech 2010" at the Agriculture University, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad. It was kind of below my expectations and was more like a 'duty' of CARD to conduct such an event every year. So I got some time at home. took out a DVD from my collection and watched 'National Security'. Then I was watching news discussion about corruption cases against Naveen Mittal, former collector of Hyderabad district with JP. JP was striking the right thing in answering about the corruption. Our leaders/Politicians are corrupted so are our officers. JP says around 50% of the officers (IAS) are corrupted for sure. But there is a crowd of around 25% still good and working for the good of the people. Striking point is about we getting wired into the corruption. Everything around that is not working properly is because of the corruption. Only thing is we do not realize this fact. We hate power cuts but we never question. We suffer if we do not get the corporati