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Garden Arbor

  Here is the list of items: It helps to have   Rust-Oleum Marking paint (spray) to mark location and make sure to measure the dimensions and directions  accurately. Key steps for the project: First Part: Identify location, if you are in a HOA community, please seek approval.   Make sure you have a plan.  I planned simple 4x4x10 posts (2 ft into the ground) and then 4x4x12 for horizontal lumber and then additional 4x4x10 lumber for the width. These 4 bars provide all the required major support. I filled the gap with 2x4x10  bars and then finally 1x2x8 bars for plants to hold on to.  vine plants tendrils cant hold too big of a wood, so 1x2 makes an easy choice.   Getting this plan was a key step for me. Mark your Post locations, make sure you check the distances between posts across.  It doesnt hurt if few inches are off, but what matters is to get it accurate as possible. Digging post holes, is an important step, depending upon your location, it may be hard soil or it may have stones.