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Adith turns 2

Adith turns 2  tomorrow. Life is moving so fast, looks like it was months back that I was in sweden and expecting father but in reality it is been 2 years. I still remember  that first thing I did after reaching home from sweden was to take my wife to hospital and then Adith welcomed me. :-).

Starting a startup

I  worked with 5 companies earlier and have been through different processes and tools employed at each of my employment Mostly there is always a great vision and wish. Still very often companies built  a total mess with too many of tools introduced  and multiple alternatives for every purpose available. Changes in management introduces more tools and processes that might hard land employees into difficulty. Thought I would write about my thoughts on how we can  run an organization with simpler tools. I have limited knowledge so there could be better tools/alternatives. Simplest commercial solution I could see is with "JIRA/Confluence" along with SVN. You could extend it with multiple helping tools.  Atlassian has good package for startups. we can even experiment with free tools like  wiki software(media wiki etc) and tracking tools like Trac/ bugzilla. I am impressed with Trac. There are many providers who are very cheap. I liked repositoryhosting that provides a