Monday, December 21, 2009

Why people? Not leaders

The events that are happening in this southern part of India are really sad. There are leaders who are trying to make this visibility and political career with the separate state and the united state arguments. Unfortunately, the students and the people are becoming scapegoats and are loosing their lives in the name of sacrifices.

Surprisingly the so called leaders who are on hunger strike for more than a week are suddenly finding lot of energy to walk and run away to different places. I am not sure if they are born with lot of energy to live without food for that many days. I have tried this (living on without eating any food but with water alone) an year back or so but was about to live normal for 3 or 4 days but not more than that.

These guys I believe are are pretending hunger strikes. And poor people believe this as true and thinking that either seperate statehood is good or bad, jumping into agitation mode.

Irony is that there are people around 100 or more than that who committed suicides either for or against the seperate stood hood for a geographical region of this part of India, and surprisingly not even a single political party leader sacrified his/her life toward this cause. It is always the people who are paying for any cause that is raised by the so called leaders. Its like aparthied to me. Aren't we equal in this country? why the hell is that lives of very few people are very very important than remaining billion people?

May be we should explore creating a independent controlling body which monitors all the activities of each leader and it must have right to disqualify from contesting in elections or enjoying any govt benefits political or back door entry, If they have deviated from certain set norms. This body should have the power to execute leaders if they are corrupt or trying to instigate people against each other.

Or simply let us kill all the leaders iteratively until we get good ones. There is no real development that is happening because of our leaders (in power or in opposition). They are making money that is too much for even few dozens of their family and generations but are least bothered about the real development.

Why is that poor is becoming more pooor? why no one is listening? we still have villages without proper drinking water or electricity or roads. We still have people dying of hunger. We still have people struggling to feed their children. We still have people selling their daughters for sex trade because they are not able to feed them or survive on their own. We still have people who are sleeping on roads/footpath. We still have students with no career ahead (lots of them). Govt doing lip service to all the ideals and serving only who demand something (whether they need it or not). We have reservations to keep certain sections of the population happy. We still have people who are struggling for education while so many other people are getting govt sponsored education.

Can't we think of a better nation? If situation goes like this, what if I go back to my village and announce freedom to my village into a seperate nation? May be I use friends abroad to fund my nation and then show rest of India(and its leaders) how to make a great nation.

Any one listening? why only people are dying for any cause, why not leaders?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Chrome on ubuntu

It is nice to see the chrome beta released with support for Linux. I installed in my laptop immediately once I found about it in some discussion on LinkedIn.

Its beautiful, it is faster, and I can read eenadu as well without any problem.

The faster time to load an application is always an advantage. with lesser memory footprint chrome is really impressive. I am loving it.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


21-12-2012, is it going to be the real dooms day? or it is just another myth, that never comes true? Some people/groups are trying to figure out the what will cause the great disaster ever humans have seen. A great galactical alignment where the sun comes into the center of milky way (our galaxy) causing a great distrubance. they claim this happens every 26,000 years. Also researchers are finding Mayan calender ending on this same day. Nostradamus predictions, mayan calender ending on 2012 and what ever is happening now a days (earth quakes, tsunami, famines, floods) are indications of great dooms day.

pyramids of egypt, mayan calender, last book of nostradamus all are referring to the great dooms day at the end of year 2012. Year 2012 also signifies the 3 eclipses that occur on this year.
1 Total eclipse of the sun
2.Venus eclipse against sun
3.Grand eclipse of sun at the center of the galaxy.

Also they claim that older generation people like mayan civilization etc have clearly understood the moment of the earth, moon and stars and they have calculated their calender. This means they had more better knowledge than the present generation.

Well, if you watch the documentary on 2012 with nostradamus predictions or the 2008 movie of 2012 dooms day or watch the big movie that is getting released soon, I think it makes you feel interested about this event that might or might not occur.

Earth revolves slowly, earth's magnetic field going to collapse resulting reversal of earth poles and also might cause all electro magnetic technologies fail. A day could take actually 2 days of present day. North pole may not have any more ice.

Interesting to note the observations, hope it remains as a myth and never come true.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cheap calls

When you are away from home, you can think of cheaper and reliable alternatives to call home.

Few options:

Diamond card, you can use twinkle, QuteCom or Ekiga as your SIP client /soft phone software in ubuntu. I found twinkle better in ubuntu 9.10
Diamond card is a SIP based VOIP provider with cheaper rates. I can call india at INR 1.21, this is kind of very cheap or can compare with STD charge in some parts of India. Now a days concept of local and STD calls is disappearing with a country wide local rates.

Busta, I think it comes with its own client which is available for windows platform. I haven't found a linux based client for busta.

Skype, yahoo etc are the default soft phone solutions general users can think of, but their tariff seems to be on the higher end. skype has ubuntu version, I do not think yahoo is available as softphone in ubuntu.

There are lot of other alternatives available on internet, if we type SIP and cheap internet calls, we are so many alternatives. seems to be one platform indepent client, similarly X-lite comes in support for multiple platforms.

Reliance I call is providing the cheapest calls on internet (so far calling indian numbers are concerned). I am yet to try the SIP tweak (using some info given on another blog). Reliance I Call formally supports windows boxes only.
If you are reading this post and know better alternatives, please post a comment.

ICE Hockey at Vaxjo

This evening, we watched ice hockey match in vaxjo. It was very exciting, though weather was cold, it was a good match that resulted in home team (Vaxjo lakers) win by 5-4. Thanks to Boss media for arranging the tickets and for Sebastian for giving company.

Thought of posting few snaps, but there was a minor glitch in the camera, so no photos for now.

Well, some of the snaps of the last weekend trips to few areas in sweden are available on madhava's picasa albums.

Jonshoping-Visingso trip on sunday

Kosta boda(glass factory) and Oland (an island in eastern part of sweden)

I have been little bit busy and little bit lazy to post anything on my blog. But atlast the vaxjo lakers victory made me post something again on this blog.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Greater Hyderabad Updates

There are few updates I would like to blog about the greater hyderabad.

After formation of the greater hyderabad (MCH is now GHMC), ghmc website was not integrated with newly added suburb muncipalities. Atleast for 2 years I was waiting to see "Rajendra Nagar" in the drop down list (or say upparpally to be specific). I never had that luxury.

But when I checked again today, there are lots of updates. I could see Rajendra nagar in the dropdown list.

I could check my property tax amount on ghmc website (this was add few months back) and also there is a payment option for the newly created property tax numbers (called PTIN). It is great isn't it?
Now I can raise complaints that are very local to me.

GHMC website really looks stable. I am very happy to see this IT development.

On the other side, water board website is still with errors.

I needed to call local water board manager to get my CAN (customer account number or something) for my house water connection. He was kind enough to get the CAN number based on my house number.

Other update about greater hyderabad is the PVNR express way. Main flyover construction is completed and ramps construction is going on. Now Attapur has few foodjoints and new bank branches and ATM centers have come up. My village (Upparpally is more a part of Metro city slowly, though I want it to be a village rather than a polluted city part).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

తోట రాముడు మనసును నవ్వించిన బ్లాగు

అప్పుడప్పుడు ఆదర్ష్ పంపించే లింకులు చదవడం నాకు పరిపాటే. ఆ మధ్య పంపించిన "ట్వింకిల్ ట్వింకిల్ లిటిల్ స్టార్ " యూ ట్యూబ్ వీడీయో.. కింది లింకు చూడండి.

ఈ మధ్య పంపిన బ్లాగు లింకు తోట రాముడు మరింత నవ్వించే రచనల సంపుటి. మీరే చదివి చెప్పండి.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Life breakers

Why should I care for these speed breakers(I call them life breakers)? Well, I struggled like hell to get the road built. Fought with GHMC and met people and was in touch regularly with officials until it is built. Now few weeks back guys in chaitanya vilas colony built hurdles in their colony (5 speed breakers in less than 100 meter distance with 3 curves). This inspired few guys in my colony to demand treasurer to give money to build speed breakers(as they call it) in our colony as well. Is it a fashion in colony road? I am not sure. Is it acceptable to cite 1 or 2 errant drivers and troubling everyone. Can I take my pregnant wife on this road to hospital or shopping? Any one cares? God please help!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ideas for sustainable development - Cities

Few thoughts that are floating in my mind regarding development.

1. Pollution control : Govt should proactively buy/replace all the outdated vehicles. Look at no of scooters, auto rikshaws that leave smoke like a serious fire incident (If it is a developed nation, for sure there will be hell lot of fire alarms because of these vehicles).

2. Making life easy for vehicle owners/drivers. Let them drive without fear. Make rules simple. I always wonder why one need to pay fine if he forgets to have copy of insurance or RC book with him. If system is automated enough, it should be able to identify if he has valid documentation or not. If not(no insurance for that particular vehicle) then police can charge fine for that. Also if pollution certificate is not available, it is better to do the test on the fly and charge for the test. If test fails, then vehicle should be sent to garrage for repairs at the owner's cost. This will save millions of people from unwanted embarrassment followed by giving bribes to traffic police.

3. Inclusive development: Involve private and NGOs at various levels of development activities.

4. Traffic signals & sign boards: There is lot to be done. Regular monitoring of traffic nature and immediate alternatives to decongest traffic should be implemented. If a main road is too crowded at some junction may be alternate roads (through the neibhourhood residential areas can be developed and used. Most of the traffic problems occur at traffic junctions.

5. Cattle, Stray animals should be banned in metro cities. When there is no space for humans, these animals add more chaos in the system.

6. Increased public transport: Public transport should be increased on large scale. Private vehicles should be taxed more and public transport should be encouraged in all means. Public transport should be treated as a essential service and profit/loss shouldn't be counted. Similar to the focus on primary education, transportation should be given enough allocations.

7. Oxygen pumps at all important traffic junctions. These pumps should suck all polluted air and release pure oxygen into environment. I am really breathless because of pollution.

8. VIP visits: Security should be streamlined and camera's should be installed across the city at all locations, centralized data center should monitor the security conditions. VIP visits should not block traffic in anyway. If it is mandatory, then use of Helicoptors etc should be forced rather than making thousands suffer at every traffic signal for 5 min to 30-40 min.

9. Proper toilet facilities should be built across cities at all junctions/crowded places. If cities are made up of concrete jungles and millions of humans, certainly we are worth having enough public toilets.

10. Bus bays: It is very difficult to figure our when a city bus is going to stop to pick passengers at bus stop. If we have detailed marking for bus stops (some coloring on the road for bus bay).

11. Closed doors. Doors of all public transport vehicles should be closed while in motion and should be automated through control at driver/conductor seats.

12. Public notification system:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giving it back - Bhallan pally

My recent visit to Bhallan pally village, Mahabub nagar district gave me more in sight into what the schools in the village require. Yes it is my native place and my parents live here.

Last few days (or one week), I have been busy spending my evenings exploring various shops for buying some teaching material and books for my schools (Primary and High schools).

Here is a list of items that bought.

1. Vernier calipers - 2
2. Screwguague - 2
3. Magnets (Bar and Horse shoe)
4. Pendulum
5. Stop watch
6. Metal ball and ring
7. AID (Association of India Development) kit worth Rs 400/-
8. Spring balance
9. Thermo meters - 2
10. Min, max thermometer.
11. Magnesium sheet
12. Chemistry model making material (60 balls and sticks)
13. Litmus papers
14. Biology charts -8
15. South america chart -1
16. Paper charts -20 (includes periodic table, maps and other related items).
17. Good student - telugu motivational books by B.V.Pattabhiram. -3 copies
18. Wings of Fire - Telugu version - 2 copies
19. Plastic tables books (multiplication tables).
20. Pens - 150 (individual price is Rs 5/- but we bargained for Rs 2).
21. Pencils - 100
22. Ch.Ramaiah books -2
25. Geometry boxes -5
26. use and throw pens - 2 packets (50 pens)
27. General knowledge books -2
28. Pedda balasiksha (small version) -1
29. Sumathi, vemana shathakam - 1 each.
30. Convex, concave lenses and mirrors - 1 each
31. Calculators -10 (gifted by Divya, Hope children will like them (and they are from USA). 4 I will give to divaker reddy garu. (total of 15 sent by divya, 10 for bhallan pally school, 4 for bhasheerabad mandal school of diwaker reddy garu, 1 for a +2 student in hyd)

List may not be complete but thought it will help me track what are the needs of school children.

I must thank few people in this regard. Divaker garu for giving me company while buying some items. Satya krishna for pointers. Adarsh for giving me loan to buy these items (It is becoming little difficult as I am trying to become debt free :-) ). Prasanthi for connecting me with AID Srihari. Sri hari for giving me wonderful kit of physics experiments. It is really wonderful. as many as 36 experiments can be executed with the kit he has given me.

Places of interest:
Scientific and sergical items - Tilak road(Abids) and Nampally.
Stationery: Siddiamber bajar,
Books Sultan bajar
Pens and pencils: Hafiz plaza (divaker garu bought it for me at this place).

If you are buying in bulk, you get good discount.

Why am I doing this? Am I doing service? No. It it is a delayed previlage for me. I went through lot of hurdles in my life. Even a 5 digit salary was a dream while I was in B.Sc but I am far better now. No proper guidance, no proper facilities, no money to study, always doubt abt what is next for me (question about will I do intermediate (+2) after 10th and then will I study degree after +2 etc..). Society helped me. I remember how seshu, adarsh, ramesh,srinu etc helped me to get ready for my first job interview in life. some one gave tie, some one gave a shirt and someone gave shoe.. Did they do service? they didn't think of that. They wanted some one of us to get selected. Everyone needed jobs and way back in 2003 it was still post y2k recession.

Also I think of my parents who sent me some money order by cutting trees and by selling wood, and some of the daily wagers who loaned small amounts to my mother which in tern are used for my education.

Prasanthi has some quote in her signature that means "If you want to do something, whole world will try to help you". Its very meaningful message. I believe it is true. Even when you are in troubles, may be there is some lesson to learn that helps you grow.

Well back to the main subject. I am not serving anyone, I am just giving it back to them. They helped me grow to a level where I can stand on my own. Now I am trying to take care of small small needs of the schools in my village hoping that someday someone will think of it when they grow in their life and start giving back to the village. Isn't it a beautiful idea.

Website review: India development Gateway

While looking at SSA AP, I got a link to Govt. maintained website called "India development gateway". It really looks cool and informative.

Home page of this site looks like this (at the time of this blog writing).

Here is a telugu screenshot.

It seems to be very much informative. Contains information on farming,agri loans etc.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Exploitation of the society

Last sunday I happen to watch Saraswathi's documentary called "coastal under attack". It was an interesting movie exposing the problems of the coastal villages where people lost their land, livelyhood etc because of the large scale industrialization.

People lost their lands, almost by force. Though there are "hearings" to know people opinions, everything (should I say most of them) are manipulated.

We can always argue about the immediate need of more GAS, more POWER and more chemical companies but as Rakesh rightly put it "At whose cost?". Are these people inferior than us in hyderabad? If it is we in big cities who use most of the GAS, POWER then why these village people on coastal corridor are suffering?. Rakesh argued about having a nuclear reactor right here in Jubilee Hills or in ISB (Indian School of Business, this Context came when Krishnan of ISB argued about the necessity of the industrialization).

Well, I view this as a controllable inevitable problem. If the villages were relocated to places where then can get houses, work etc., that becomes easy. But there is inertia in the villagers to move out and also there is no proper political will to achieve this. The result: Polluted water, air and many deaths because of this. Do we need this? I say NO.

Instead of giving solutions, I am trying to relate this with exploitation present everywhere. Look at the corrupt Government. Do not go by what they say in media. They do not have any serious will to develop the state(of Andhra pradesh) to next level. They want themself and their families to grow rich and develop. Politics is a mean of achieving development.

Did you get the idea? If you want to become a big businessman then I would suggest you try politics first.

When the system is weak, everyone who can bend or break the system will exploit it anyway. I Strongly believe that system itself should be tough to exploit. If not everyone will exploit it.

I was speaking to one person in my village few weeks back. He is a ward member as well. He was telling that he along with another person took contract of Rs 1 Lakh to build boundary wall. They did 50% of the work but got only 32k in hand. Remaining amount ? District, Mandal and village level distribution for officials and chota mota leaders.

Village surpanch demanded 2 laksh as loan from my father but as my father has no money, he was denied some govt assistance (because surpanch didnt want).

Government is patronizing the cast feelings and religion feelings (because of reservations and many other factors). Govt execution doesn't really protect the real interest of the state.

Look at the "Sakshi" phenomena. To give advertisements to Sakshi, Y.S.Rajasekhar reddy govt exploited the system by changing the law. Instead of ABC report, CA report is sufficient to win advertisements. Sakshi is getting crores of rupees (Or we can say Sakshi is run by the state congress govt). Well, the story doesn't end here. Other news papers as well started using "CA reports" to show their circulation strength and getting benefit out of it (more money from govt through advertisements).

Y.S.R. gov. should understand (I think they know it already) that If you want to do mistake, you need to live with many compromises because of that.

Anyway government is shameless. They are direct beneficiaries of corruption, bureaucratic hell. So they will want the system to be same rather than making it better.

System should be same for everyone. It should be a place of law rather than of people. System should treat everyone equal and provide equal opportunities to everyone.

Until we reach this point, present issues (of corruption, militancy, neglect) will continue exist. I hope you agree with me.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Execute it,Please

Pranab Ji's latest budget (introduced in parliament yesterday) is more focused on rural development, agriculture and infrastructure development.

It doesn't make much difference for common man/Middle class, It is nice to see infrastructure and rural development taking highest priority.

Well, results depend on how this funds are distributed across states and spent effectively. Boils down to reducing the corruption in the money utilization and providing quality implementation of the schemes.

I hope things get better for the people who really need help and guidance.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

SSA(Sarva shiksha Abhiyan) Procedure on community projects

At last we got the mehdipatnam school work started by another contractor.Privious contractor intentionally delayed the work even after having the payment done before itself.

it is painful process but if you have the desire to help the society it is a good effort. Please see if you can help some govt school by constructing class rooms or so and get the children from these schools get good education. It helps building our nation.

Well, here is the procedure (as i thought) for the same. SSA (Sarva Shikha Abhiyan) and RVM (Rajiv Vidya Mission) are names represent same govt entity.

1. Identify the work to be done (school related work).
2. Decide on what % of expense the group can bear. 20:80 or 30:70 etc.
3. Approach district SSA office with a request letter for the work with your organization credentials. Attach artifacts of previous history and activities of the group that are relevant.
4. SSA District office head is 'Project Officer'. SSA will take time 1 to few weeks to visit the school and identify the need. Also basic design etc will be done by SSA engineers. We need to discuss on the partnership (on contributions of either parties)
5. //Regular follow up might be required. Get the contact numbers of the people in SSA office (project officer, S.E, Deputy Engineer, Assist.Engineer, Draft man etc.
6. Proposal will have 2 approvals, financial and technical. There are some rules like if the work is below 5 lakh or so D.E. approval is sufficient else, it also has to get S.E approval etc. I am just giving example and the actual procedure could be little different.
7. Drafting & Engineering team will provide the estimates.
8. We need to enter into agreement with SSA. Agreement will be signed by the voluntary group representative and the district collector. District collector is the chairman of district level SSA but the actual work will be executed by SSA Project officer himself (mostly).
9. MOU (agreeement) , work order letter (signed by project officer),estimates design will be provided by SSA office.
10. Please get all the relevant details of plan and design at minute level. Otherwise there will be issues on the quality. steel thickness, cement etc.
11. SSA engineers will come to the location and explain the work related details and hand over the location to voluntary group.
12. It is the responsibility of the voluntary group to take ownership of the work and execute it. If the group is not into construction field (most probably), we need to outsource the work to contractor and deal with him abt the work. It is the responsibility of the voluntary group to take care of the work. SSA engineers will super wise anyway.
13. SSA will release funds in phased manner (after raising columns, slab, walls.. ) check the details in the beginning or while getting work order. Please do not hesitate to ask, in case if you are not sure what need to be done or what is the further course of action.
14. Voluntary group has to start the work with its contribution and SSA funds will be coming in the way as work progresses.
15. There will be time lines in MOU document, but extension can be sought in case if we are not able to meet.
16. Most importantly, have patience, lot of it. Things may not go as we plan, Delays will be common (most the time), Individuals at SSA office are important and their nature as well.

On a side note, there might be informal commissions to SSA people, it is a practical issue that need to be dealt carefully. If contractor takes the responsibility on this aspect, that is well and good.

In case of big projects, we can make deals where is voluntary group can manage not spending the amount as pledged by it (% of contribution). It depends on how we deal with the contractor. Other side of it is, on some occasions voluntary groups can make profits :-). You get a 1 crore work and get it done in 60 lakhs or so, then u have profit (without contributing to it). It is sad, but I heard it is possible.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Learnings of Abhinav

It is a great learning for me day by day and the tutor is Abhinav my 15 month old son. Very cute and dynamic. He finds a job for himself when he is not sleeping. The way he is descovering the world makes me think a lot.

His findings are.
1. For every switch you have associated light, fan or AC. So when you press a switch look around to figure out which one is associated with it.
2. World is full of switches, without switches you do not have the world. wondering? He experimented with computer key board and coupe of mouses as well. When you pluck out the keys out, you will agree with abhinav.
3. When you want something, you will get it. But you must want it to get it. (Ofcourse you need to try out, Abhinav uses crying as his best tool).
4. Mother is for feeding and father is for playing. It might be universal. Abhinav believes this and still experimenting.
5. Birds of same feathers flock together. Abhi loves to see and play with other kids. Yes, some times he doesnt care for parents as well.
6. Abhinav believes in surprises. He descovered few missing items in the house. yes. My backup battery of spice mobile and also the extra black catridge that came with my printer. When I lost hope he descovered them.

... lot more..

Well, holding the fingers of your kid and watching him walking, running without falling is a great pleasure.

For all the parents, You may want to read khalil gibran views on children..

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit,
not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you
with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;

For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that
is stable.

-- Kahlil Gibran

Recover windows 2003 Active Directory admin credentials

Hmm, ever wondered what will happen if you forget admin credentials that too of win2k3 server that serves your organization? Silly it shouldn't happen at all, but what if it happens?

I was facing a similar issue few days back. It is like confirmation of my short memory. I forgot the password... :-(

Recovery process is little tricky. Machine password is different and windows 2003 AD administrator password is different (or stored differently..).

If you are the genuine owner and really lost password, here is the solution (compiled from Internet and it worked for me).

1. If you know the local admin credentials, good you can move to step 3

2. If not
a. Download the
b. Unzip the file, it contains ISO image, burn it into CD. (If you are a VMWare or other virtual software user, then just point your vm image CD drive to this ISO image).
c. using BIOS settings, make sure your CD drive is the first boot device.
d. Restart your system.
e. Follow the instructions (system boots from the recovery CD image). and reset password or make it blank.
f. If your win2k3 system is not an AD, you are done now. remove the CD/iso image and restart your system.
g. If your win2k3 system is domain controller then, you are not done, read the step 3.

3. While restarting your system, keep on pressing F8, it will take you to boot options of windows 2003. In case if you are using vmware and if you miss to avail F8 (because of the delay in getting the vmware window opened) try setting the following option.

Set the option "Enter the BIOS setup screen the next time this virtual machine boots". So that you can relax and find the BIOS setup screen. Now just press F10 to exit from there to start the OS. Yes you have to keep pressing F8. It works.

4. Follow the instructions as given in this web page by Seb.

let me reproduce the summary here.
a. From boot options (after pressing F8), choose Directory Restore Service Mode. It disables Active Directory.
b. Login with the local credentials.
c. Download the zip file .
d. Unzip into some folder. Say c:/temp.
e. Also copy cmd.exe from c:/windows/system32/cmd.exe to this folder (i.e., c:/temp).
f. Start a command prompt and type instsrv PassRecovery "c:\temp\srvany.exe"
g. You have installed new service called PassRecovery.
h. It is now time to configure SRVANY.

Start regedit, and open the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services \PassRecovery.

Create a new subkey called Parameters and add two new values:

name: Application
type: REG_SZ (string)
value: d:\temp\cmd.exe

name: AppParameters
type: REG_SZ (string)
value: /k net user administrator new_password (or any password that you want. replace "new_pasword" with your new password).

i. Make sure this new service is "Automatic" one and also allow this service to interact with desktop.
j. restart your system in normal mode. You should be able to login with your newly setup password. If not you might have missed some step or the other mentioned above. If my steps are wrong, then get the right ones from internet :-)
k. PassRecovery service runs once you start the system, so you can remove or disable it as you no longer need it.
l. If you want to remove..
net stop PassRecovery (, then:)
sc delete PassRecovery

Now delete c:\temp and change the admin password if you fancy.

You saved lot of your time and frustration,if you are lucky enough to recover your system. :-).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mixed results

I am kind of disappointed to see the congress getting power again in the state. While I do not have proper alternative, Future of the state is might be at risk. I have suffered enough while dealing with govt offices. Govt employees are not doing their jobs well. Most of the offices are highly corrupted, if the same trend continues, it might not be good for the state. One of my neighbour was telling that state needs around 30k crores of rupees immediately to put things in place. Is Y.S.R govt going to get rid of the so called welfare schemes to manage the deficit? or new type of taxes?

May be politics are like that, It is difficult to get the right people at the right place. I strongly believe Y.S.R alone cannot make the state better. Throwing money and building some huge canals/dams certainly helps but that is not 100% of what state really needs.

Everyone must have rights and responsibilities. Exposing people to only one side (rights) may not be the right thing.

In may places in the state, it might be difficult to get water, but easy to a beer. There are many things. But I think money has power wins you more power. It might be true in politics.

Attributing reasons for grand alliance failures or congress success is like doing posts mortem which does not help to the state.

At the same time, I am happy to see UPA doing better at the center. What india needs is a stable government. I really do not bother which party is leading it.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another corruption case - metro water employee

There is one guy called Anjaneyulu, Work inspector, Metro water works department. This guy took 2000/- from each new house in our colony to get water connection as we are getting new roads in colony. In order to avoid digging of the road afterwards we felt it is good to get connection beforehand itself.

This guy came to our colony as if he is on his duty, and took the money. He slowly revealed that he will get receipt for only 500/- and remaining is for expenses ( I do not know what type of expenses cost him that much).

But he didnt get the receipts and also he didnt turn up in the colony for providing the connection.

Incase if you are in Rajendra Nagar circle, please do not pay bribe to this guy. He is worth nothing. If you need any help dial 155313 (prefix 040) for customer care and ask for guidence.

Yes, I am not the task to get this guy punished, will lodge a complaint in their office near Maithrivanam.

btw his contact number is 9010224222, you can call him and shout at him. :-).

Goal is who ever comes to my colony, shouldn't expect bribes.

Ubuntu 9.04, sweet but painful...

I upgraded my laptop from ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 that is released recently. Downloaded the DVD image and burnt into DVD and upgraded to 9.04. It removed few issues that i felt always with 8.10. Most important one is too much of boot up time. This issue is fixed with 9.04.

But then I had altogether new set of issues. I actually had 8.10 kubuntu, then installed gnome desktop, then it became ubuntu. Also installed Eduntu stuff and lot of community stuff (whether i used it or not, installed lot of software that I felt useful).

So though the migration was easy, 2 days back when I hibernated my laptop, it didn't come up again.
It was a touch thing for me. Used the DVD and tried to rescue the laptop. There was some problem with Xserver and then with usplash.. After few trial and errors it looked fine. Hibernated session was restored back.

This time, i thought of removing software that i am not using at all. But it caused one more major issue, that is blank screen issue. It looks fine while booting but you never get a login screen, few flickerings and then dark screen. Not something to enjoy.

Another few hours of additional effort. removed Xserver, kde, gnome desktop, installed gnome again followed by Xserver. And my laptop is back to normal and it is faster and easier experience with Ubuntu.

If it was not Ubuntu, it would have been very difficult to resolve the issue. Importantly If you are left with no solution other than re-installing the OS which will erase your valuable data from disk (or get another hard disk and take backup before you re-install OS).

I wanted no OS installation as I do not have another hard disk :-(. I am still a poor IT guy.

it was painful comeback, but now ubuntu looks cool. Well, getting software for free itself is like a magic and getting a system that serves most of your needs without paying a penny is always great. :-)

Ubuntu zindabad.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

New road in the colony

At last, some good news now a days even in recession period and despite the election season. We are getting new road in our colony. It is great to see the work progressing last few days. It is difficult to manage the work, rather than getting the approvals.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emergency numbers for Rajendra Nagar and specially for Sri Venkateswara Enclave

Please keep the following numbers handly in case of any emergency.
Petrolling vehicle number :9490617364 /9948064760
Rajendra Nagar police station: 040-24015333
Cyberabad helpline: 040-27853418 / I was told that we can even call 108.

Please note dialing 100 will not work for us as we fall in cyberabad area (police have this seperation while there is no revenue division with the name cyberabad).
if you dial 100, u will be given the cyberabad help line number and asked to dail that number. It is a stupid thing with police.

Other important numbers:
Street lights:
Imran (Superviser) : 9866023340 - first preference
Call center: 040 - 24577623 - second preference
Contractor Yadaiah : 939136392 - contractor will give pointers in case if above 2 numbers are not picking the phone
Ambedkar - Engineer : 9989930672 - Head for electricity for Rajendra Nagar circle

Power line/Transformer (APCPDCL)
24hr helpline :9396440728
Srinu 939404756

Drainage and other civil works:
Work inspector : Hem singh : 9989635954

Water leakages
Towards Chaitanya vilas
Narasimha Reddy :9391100656

Towards Upparpally village (from transformer onwards)
Rami Reddy : 9399907277

Who will win?

Tomorrow is the 2nd phase elections in India and Assembly elections few states of India including Andhra Pradesh. There is money, alcohol and power playing role in this election as well.

When it comes to Andhra Pradesh, Y.S.R wants to be king again and it was kind of sure few weeks before. But as we progress towards the elections there are various factors that are looking like working against Y.S.R.

Personally I would prefer chandra babu to be chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. He is a good administrator and knows how to extract work from every employee. At present Govt offices are not running properly. No one cares to attend to citizen requests. Every where (or most of the places) corruption has become very common phenomenon. If Y.S.R wins again, state will go bankrupt without any doubt.

While I am not happy about the COLOR TV scheme by chandrababu, because it is still kind of luxury to have color TVs and is not a common need for the people. Instead if he has promised something like Roads, water, drainage etc to every village it would have been better. Cash Transfer scheme(crediting cash to poor families) looks good, but subsidies might have effect of it. Showing this cash, most of the subsidies may be removed.

Already there is a big gap in the state, rich/earning people are facing difficulties with price raise while poor are getting rice at Rs 2/- per kg (only rice alone, other things like vegetables etc are common with other people).

Tax payers get nothing, Government doesn't care if i loose my Job. But still It is ok if government is really doing something to the upliftment of the poor. There must be a strategy and regular review on what % of the poor are becoming self dependents. May be Babu has this in his mind.

Well, HUNG is as dangerous as Y.S.R ruling the state.Anyways we have to wait till 16th May to see the actual results.

Drinking License

It might look like nonsense but this idea has flashed into my mind few weeks back and its keep coming, so that i could record it.

Most of the Indian middle class, poor segment people are affected by the bad habit of drinking often causing disturbances in the family and also heinous crimes. If you look at the real issue here is that, people are drinking at the cost of the family. If you have lots of money and drink occassionally it is fine but if you do not have enough money and put all your daily/monthly earnings into buying some more alcohol, it doesn't look fair at all. So there must be some control by the state and one solution possible is issuing licenses for drinking.

Well, the idea is that every BAR and WINE shop should be automated and every purchase should record the drinking license of the customer.

Like PAN card or Credit Card, every person who is interested to drink should apply to the Government for drinking license, based on the economic conditions of the applicant he should be issued license (silver, gold,platinum kind of). The silver license should get him few bottles a month where as gold can get him some more, platinum should give him even more bottles.


1. He must be Indian - Foreigners may be exempted when they produce their passport.
2. Income proof
3. Doctor certificate - only from government hospitals.
4. ID Proof
5. Address proof.
6. Family details.
7. License category opted for
8. Applicable free (Rs 500/- for silver, 5000/- for gold and 50,000/- for platinum)

When the application is received with all the documentation, there will be a verification and upon verification of the information, automated system will figure out the eligibility of the applicants and print out the card which will be sent to the address of the applicant via registered post.

Each WINE shop should have a computer with network and each sale they do should be recorded in the centralized server.

This solves various problems:
1. So called Belt shops /unofficial retail shops will find it difficult to source the alcohol.
2. Families will be happier as there is a restriction on the total alcohol he/she can buy.
3. Every sale is recorded so if some one is trying to buy in bulk and bribe people during election etc, it will not be possible.
4. Government can change the rules without much problem like eligibility etc and also easy to find out the total profit/taxes to the government.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

General Elections 2009 Useful information for voters

Did you register yourself as voter? are you sure it is available in the voter list?
If you do not want to get disappointed at the last moment at polling booth, please check the links below.

for the people in GHMC range.

Rest of Andhra pradesh or

Well, now if your name is present in the list, but you do not have voter id card, do not worry, please get id proof as allowed by election commission.

2. Driving license.
3.Service Id card/Company id card by state govt/central govt employees/public limited companies. It must be with photograph.
4. Bank passbooks (if you hold a bank account in govt owned bank, you must be familiar with passbooks).

Well, by availing your vote, you are delivering one of your responsibility in democratic system.

Voting is a responsibility, It is also fun. Please use your vote. easy to say reasons but please, please no excuses. If you are a voter please vote

Monday, April 13, 2009

Election commission websites are down

Yes, If you are an admirer of IT applications at Govt departments, then you are for disappointment when you see the election commision websites are not accessible or facing technical problems.

There was a link for searching latest updations into the voterlist (as of 30th march 2009) it actually is just redirecting to another site called This link worked as of yesterday and supprisingly it stopped working from yesterday evening (as my neibhour says) and i see this website not at all accessible. I tried to ping it ( with no luck.

Then i searched on election commission of india website. there is a search option available but then it throws up technical errors. Also it is prompting me enter credentials.

Now see the condition, for the enthiastic voters there is no easy way of getting their polling booth number/name and whether his/her name is there in the list (especially if you have applied for voter after december 2008).

Too bad isn't it.

Well, If you are looking at voterlist as of december 2008 then please check with this link

My Dream Government*

Chief minister : Mr. Chandra babu naidu
Revenue : Mr.Rajesekhar Reddy
Finance : J.P
Cultural : K.C.R
Youth Affairs : Chiranjeevi
Auditing : Raghavulu and Narayana

Won't it be good to see all our leaders sharing the responsibility rather than fighting. if they work sincerly for 10 years, I am damn sure our state will be on par with developed nations.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let us win

I some how have gut feeling that our guys in politics (should we call them leaders?) are not up to the mark (most of them, with few exceptions). But then we need to elect someone, so we need to choose the better one among the bad guys. It is little difficult job.

I went to GHMC Rajendra Nagar cirlce office to get updated vote list of my colony (I am the General Secretary of Sri Venkateswara Enclave, Upparpally), but I didn't get the list. MRO said they will distribute the list to political parties and i need to get it from them. There was one political party leader who assured he will get a copy to me. We spent lot of time in that office looking over the paper bundles if there is a list (numbers between 79 to 85 ) of our colony residents. But of no use. There are too many of them and I was not able to figure it out.

This morning,I visited One Mr. K.S.Rao who is owner of a house in my colony, He told me he never voted in his full life time. (He is a retired engineer). His reason, once upon a time, he went to polling both to vote, but they said he has to vote in another booth. No one helped him properly. He went around 3 to 4 polling booths just to get disappointed. He made a oath not to try to vote again.

There are 2 things that bother me in this.
1. As a citizen he must have spend few minutes before the poll day to figure out where to vote. Might be checking with his neighbours local chota mota leaders.
2. Election commission or its representatives must guide people about this. Probably they can simply print some information kits with the necessary information and distribute it for free. I see this not at all happening.

Well, regarding the vote and the results, no one is going to change our life. I only wish they not to create any further troubles.

Who ever wins, no direct use to us (most probably). Only way we can get work out of them is to force them to address our issues. Let us raise RTI requests, or raise complaints with all the relevant departments, go and meet the govt representatives etc. If we do this aggressively, Govt, MLAs will be forced to look into the issues. Let us keep them so busy and give a sense of monitoring so that they will work for us. After all they are our servants. It is our responsibility to extract work out of them. My wife will shout at the maid javascript:void(0)if she doesn't clean the house properly. We must apply the same rule to our public servants. Let us shout at them and get things done.

If we do this, who ever might be the winner in elections, Ultimate winners will be the voters/public.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Indiatoday book club lottery - a 419 cheating

It is kind of 419 cheating by India today book club. In the name of a lottery of 60 Lakhs, they are selling books. If you buy books from india today book club, then you will become elgibile for this lottery. What is more, they say you will get 12k worth of gift vouchers for hotel and air tickets. Actually it is a cheating because the gift vouchers are not at all useful. read the following mail chain.

I would have not felt it as cheating if they have not told me about 12k worth gift vouchers. When you say gift, what do you expect? gifts are supposed to be free and delivered at home, but in case of ITBC (India Today Book club), It is altogether different.

Suggest me what kind of legal action we can initiate against ITBC/India Today to stop this 419 cheating.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: harinath
Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 1:12 PM
Subject: Fwd: india today book club /lottery

For your information.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: harinath
Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: india today book club /lottery
To: Ravinder Kumar Sharma ,

Thanks for calling me and trying to clarify things. But I am not convinced. Not telling about terms and conditions in the beginning certainly amounts to cheating.

I am going to file a case against India today book club, just to make sure it will not happen to other customers of india today.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:18 AM, harinath wrote:


There is lot of mis-information in this lucky draw thing.

I was NOT TOLD about
1. 800/- DD that i need to pay to india hotel
2. There is a timegap of applying for the free gifts. looks like it must happen within 60 days from the invoice.
3. I need to send documents to multiple addresses. There is no single contact point to claim the free gifts.
4. And that I cannot claim the gift vouchers in most of the duration in the year. It is only on working days and off-season.
5. And that It I cannot choose the places I want, but there are only few places that one can opt for.

I feel that by not communicating the details properly and by creating lot of hurdles in the process (like free gifts were not enabled for me in the system (some number gets generated along with invoice but it didn't happen for me that way and took few weeks of follow up). India today book club has committed fraud.

I would like to escalate this issue first with indiatoday and ITBC (india today book club). Please do respond to this.

Please treat this communication as official and I will be producing the same with appropriate court/consumer reddressal forums.


On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Ravinder Kumar Sharma wrote:

Dear Mr.Mallepally,

I’ve heard the call and based on that the information that was given to you stands as mentioned below: -

* Sweepstakes Entry for Rs.60 Lacs lucky draw
* You are entitled for Rs.5000/- gift voucher against Holidays & Rs.7000/- against Air Ticket Fares.
* Rs.2600/- Benetton Watch
* The procedure is mentioned to claim these free gifts in a leaflet which will be coming your way through courier.
* Please send all the relevant documents in order to claim your free gifts.

The amount payable is Rs.2598/-

Please revert for further clarification.

Thanks & Regards

Ravinder Sharma

From: harinath []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 5:52 PM
To: Ravinder Kumar Sharma
Subject: india today book club /lottery

Hi Ravinder,

Few days back I got a call from India today, stating that I am in the final list of 40 people to win Rs 60 lakh lucky draw.

and i am eligible for Rs 12000/- worth of travel ticket/accommodation, if i pay Rs 2592. Also i was told i will be getting some books for this amount.

I can see the credit card bill showing the amount against indiatoday.

Could you please confirm the following
1. is that lucky draw/lottery a fact one?
2. how and when i will get response/courier about books and other 12k package details?
3. My booking number is 110003374

thanks for the understanding and for your precious time in reading this mail

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Auto Riskhaw - AP 13 V 5336

No, the title is not about another movie in Indian film industry. This is the number of a Auto Riskhaw that troubled me with hell lot of smoke that it is releasing. It actually hides visibility of the road some times because of the dense smoke it is releasing.

I chased the auto, asked the driver to take side and stop. he obliged. I asked him in Telugu, why are you driving an auto with this much of smoke troubling everyone on the road. he said he doesn't know Telugu, so then asked the same in Hindi with my limited knowledge. He says it is the problem with LPG. I told him he must rectify the problem before coming onto the road and it must be in garage not on the city roads. he was pretending as if the problem started just few min before and he cannot leave his customer on road. Its a big lie.

I usually stop 1 or 2 vehicles every month that irritate me too much with smoke. You know all our lives are at risk because of the greedy nature of few vehicle owners.

I already tried raising the issue with RTA. These guys say they have lot of their problems like shortage of man power, no funds etc. To one of my RTI request with RR district RTA office at Attapur about the GMR airport buses releasing too much smoke (they are outdated/overused second hand buses mostly), RTA gave me a response stating everything is within the control of pollution standards. Too much a lie than a fact.

Well, It makes me sick, if govt cannot provide us basic stuff to live, our leaders must be ashamed for not taking care of all these stuff. But If you shut your car windows and go in AC mode, then you might not find the pollution as an issue at all.

Well, I think I must fight with few more departments. Let the common man win.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Corruption everywhere

True, the title of this post is very much true to best of my experience with various govt departments.

In most of the offices of state government,the normal work flow is not executed most of the time. there are alternative work flows that always work and at the end they pretend to be normal work flows/processes.

Impossible is nothing, it holds good for corruption. If you can pay, you can get most of the things in the world done:-).

I have many experiences in this regard, everyone looked at my face when I have applied for NOC at jayanagar RTA office in bangalore few years before. It is almost the case with every RTA office that people pay around 700 to 1000/- to get petty things done. So when I went on my own, they were surprised. But then with less than 100/- I got my NOC done (couple of trips to deputy commissioner office and had no problem there :-)). Interestingly couple of agents who were following me through out the process, were bargaining with me, they initially demanded 1000/- but when I applied on my own, the rate came down to 300/- :-).

My marriage certificate, this was another terrible incident. it was at Nagarkurnool sub registrar office. The sub registrar who was a muslim (he was not good at Telugu, nothing to do with his religion such as) and was like a dummy guy in the office. The clerks who do the work there are too demanding. They cite silly reasons like they do not have the stamp (its really silly isn't it, because govt office are supposed to have enough of them :-) ). We were forced to pay him 300 or so. That clerk was not even aware of the rules, he demanded a notary letter, and then lawyers demanded around 500/- just for one 20/- stamp paper and typing a template in there which is hardly 5 min. job. Just wonder about how bad things are!. A clerk demanding a paper which is not at all required and a lawyer charging 500/- for 5 to 10 min work in a remote town called Nagarkurnool. Think of the poor villagers who visit them for any legal support, Lawyers mostly do not have a kind heart in towns at least. :-(. After knowing all the stuff, I paid bribe at the office and hefty amount to lawyer, just because I had fully family (including my father, in-laws) and you do not want to take adventures by straining your family isn't it?

Lawyers are terrible, they never let you know the facts and extract money from you for nothing in most of the cases. This is true for any petty case that happens at gully level. they really do not do any work other than submitting some paper in court. it is no way similar to movies(where lawyers do lot of stuff to prove something in court).

Then APCPDCL, My self and my neighbour had a peculiar problem. after installing meters we didn't get bills for around 7 months. And then it was a single bill for all these months(which means higher tariff band and more than double the actual amount you need to pay )Ideally it should take max of 2 months for first bill.

The way I solved it and my neighbour solved it are different. I fought with Rajendra nagar A.E and raised an RTI request at their head office for similar incidents. It was done. They reduced my bill amount.

My neighbour paid the JLM (Junior Line man), and you know what, they destroyed the meters and he got new ones. what my neighbour paid is just a part of what he ideally has to pay. JLM got the bribe and then my neighbour got reprieve from paying big amount. At the end APCPDCL lost few thousand rupees. But who cares?

You want water connection? electricity connection or want property tax assessment for your new house or you want to change your name in your property tax note etc, common man lands up paying hefty amounts to what ideally is a simple work and couple of visits to the near by offices will do.

Every one of us are part of this corruption. The moment govt employees see lot of extra income, they stop doing normal work. You go to any office and I bet you they never process your request/file on time. If you do not want to pay bribe you have to strain yourself. But then think of proper alternative. If every one of us start visiting offices and avoid middlemen/bribe, will they escape from work? they will work for sure. But as long as most of the people pay bribe and few people who want to avoid bribes etc will have problems for ever.

The recent one being Rajiv Vidya Mission. I have been trying to construct an additional class room for a primary school near mehdipatnam. You can see another post on my blog which talks of that.

The project officer at RVM office, gave oral instructions, they withhold papers with them like estimates/plan and we get oral instructions to start work. He even called a constractor and told him, One Mr. Harinath Reddy will call you and do his work :-).

Later,Contractor was telling me how the RVM works, he was telling me that normal flow never works at RVM office. around 10 to 15 % of the total amount goes as bribe to employees in the RVM office. Also he says there are charity organizations(or to put it straight the people who handle stuff with RVM office) who make property out of the deals with RVM. My work is on hold as of now.

Surprising, charity for profit :-).

Well, there are other incidents as well but let me wrap up here.

System works wonderfully if you make corruption legal, go into consultant mode, employee only few regulars and all other consultants. pay your employees decent amounts. A gazetted officer,a teacher and doctor must get similar salaries. We need a balance of all professions. Let people get trained on every profession and let quality come into govt offices. Increase the salaries, implement reservations with a proper quality check. Salary hikes must be associated with the performance. Govt need to build proper systems to monitor quality of the work done by each office and employee and provide salary hikes based on performance. Make things straight forward let everyone know what the systems/processes we have and let people involve into govt activities and serve them better, remove middlemen by removing obstacles/hurdles in the normal work process, have enough escalation mechanisms where in a suffering citizen can raise complaint and his case be heard.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Money Effect in politics

The more you observe politics in andhra pradesh, more you will understand the money effect. If you want to contest from a major political party, you need to shed out around 2 to 5 crore of rupees. Incredible. If we take average as 3 crore, around 300 seats and 3 major parties, 3*300*3 = 2700 crore. (to make simple math took 300 as no. of seats instead of 294 the actual number).

There is around 2500 to 3000 crore political market around there. I am wondering what can we do with this amount.

Then add around 10 for campaigning, its really big amount right. who said india is going through recession? If I am given a chance, I would keep elections every quarter until the all those political leaders go bankrupt.

For me political leaders are looking like STREET DOGS. It is natural for them to bark and bike people, it is their nature. Some times they form groups and fight among themselves or kill some of them within them selves.

But we must exibit our nature of good human beings. Take the money from each candidate, but do not vote for him/her.

You know what!...street dogs are harmful, but if you train them how to behave, they can be faithful isn't it?

What should we do? will the elections really do magic? if money is the only factor that plays role on who is going to win, then elections do not really matter for the real benefit of the state and people.

Let us try to understand the system and the rules. If we start playing them properly, everyone has to bend and do their duty and make the society free from corruption.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mehdipatnam school (Ambedkar Nagar GPS)

At last we crossed initial bottlenecks to construct additional class rooms for Govt Primary school at Ambedkar nagar (a small slum area behind ICICI bank, Mehdipatnam).

This is a major activity from TMAD . At present this school has 1 class room and a small hall attached to it for running 5 classes with more than 100 students.
TMAD has been involved with this school for the last few years. We distributed them notebooks, slippers etc. Mr. Naresh, Teacher in this school is enthusiastic and got lot of energy in running this school.

We got the approvals from Rajiv Vidya Mission to start the work with 20:80 basis. TMAD will own the work and bear the 20% cost while remaining amount will be granted by Rajiv Vidya Mission.

We are talking to contractor for starting the work in another few days. It is a good news for me and for TMAD. I was into this task for the last few months doing the ground work. While Prashanti worked out the donations. Special thanks must be given to Maheedhar Maddi, who generously contributed 20k. He is the first donor and this gave us confidence to gather momentum and come to this stage

Friday, March 06, 2009

Politricks and possible solution

If you are native of Andhra pradesh state in India, you are for a sure confusion about the politricks played by various political parties. It all started with the present chief minister who promised too many things in the last elections. Now opposition parties are left to repeat the same thing.

My thought process on the present political system and the problems around it, is that, just because I like a particular leader, I must not endorse every silly mistake that leader or his party is doing. It will lead nowhere.

I see everyone expressing helplessness. Corruption is a very much known issue and almost all the political parties are part of it.

What should we do? should we cancel all present parties and their leaders? it is not going to work out.

The best alternative I can think of is to change the rules of the game, not players. The same players will be there but when rules change, we get the result we want (state and people getting the result).

Few steps towards it:

1. Automate all processes in the bureaucracy and legislation. Reduce the human intervention and make everything transparent. If outgoing is barred because of some reason, I call my mobile operator, if he says it takes 2 days, I have to wait, no other way. Similarly every service offered by government and its bodies must have very much clearly defined SLAs.

2. Make simple processes. Let us not invent too many schemes. Even if there are too many govt schemes, let the model behind those schemes be simple that can be understood by common man (should I say common woman :-), tomorrow being womens day).

3. Flat hierarchy, let the hierarchy of the govt be as simple as possible.

4. Integrated service centers:

We must have a learning from the present customer care centers of Mobile/Phone operators and similar services. it is clear to every phone user, where to go and complain or get a particular service from his phone/mobile operator like changing a handset or change scheme, change address etc.

Government must have Integrated service centers on population size basis. Something like for every 2000 people there can be one service centers. Every activity related with the execution/administration of the governement should happen from there. This might include Displaying Government Orders, Electoral updations, Bill payments, complaints, new requests(electricity, water,phone etc), clearance certificates etc.

When I first discussed this idea with some collegues of me, we have done some basic calculation, we can really do wonderful job, if we can spend around 300 crore rupees every year. This includes employment to around 20,000 people. Mind you this employmnent is based on normal education like +2 or graduation. Basic computer operating skills are required but not mandatory.People can be trained.
around 50 crore rupees for building/integrating software solutions to achieve the functionality. around 50 crores for building rentals/stationary/misc expenses while 100 to 150 crores will be for salaries and some buffer amount.

It will take around 6 months to 1 year to productize the concept from inception (provided we have approvals and budget allocated).

But this will bring down all the perils of present system. Now every person knows where to get his grievances addressed. Every silly problem need not get attention of chief minister or opposition leaders

5. Empowered committee on Political promises and validations:
A committee should be formed with all powers to validation manifesto documents of each political party, no party can publish their manifesto without approval from this committee.

Every rupee income and expense must be published along with beneficiary information to general public, so every political party will have access to this information so that they can plan their manfesto/list of promises. No promise by any party should be like a magic. Everything should be based on the factual information.

Members of this committee should be eminent personalities in the political system and should represent all sections of the society. I think I need some home work on how these members need to be picked and making sure these people do not favour a party or set of sections in the society. Because otherwise it becomes like any other ordinary committee and the ruling party makes it a meaningless one.

We know mostly we cann't expect surprises in our system. I cannot expect a great leader coming out all of sudden from no where.
But with all our limitations what we can do is to spend some effort and do is change the rules so as it really benifits the people and political parties will be like trusties. you know what, if we implement these ideas, it is like 'Shubham' card in the last scene of a great movie isn't it?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Millionaire Slumdog

It was nice to watch the Oscar awards function in the T.V. Interesting thing to see was A.R. Rahman and Rasool receiving the awards. Rasool made "Dedicated to country" while Rahman said "Mere pass Maa Hain".
More details can be had from rediff and other online resources
This Mumbai slumdog winning maximum awards at the function is really great.

I think, if you know rules of the game, winning is easy. Our movie makers should make a note of it. and win awards at international events like this.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

నాగార్జున సాగర్ గురుకుల డిగ్రీ కళాశాల

నాగార్జున సాగర్ గురుకుల డిగ్రీ కళాశాల రజత్సోవ సంచికకు ఎదయినా రాయాలి అని గత వారం రోజులుగా అనుకుంటున్నా, కాని అర్థం కావడం లేదు ఎక్కడ మోదలు పెట్టాలో. కరువు జిల్లా పాలమూరు లో,దిగువ మధ్యతరగతిలో పుట్టడం వల్ల,చదువంతా కష్టంగా గడిచింది.జడ్చర్లలో ఇంటర్ కాగానే చదువు ఆగుతుందా,సాగుతుందా అని చింతిస్తున్న సమయంలో ఆపద్భాధవుడి మాదిరిగా దొరికింది సాగర్ కాలేజిలో ప్రవేశం.

ఇక్కటి ప్రశాంత వాతవరణం,చదువు,వసతి, భోజనం ఉచితం కావడం బాగా కలసి వచ్చింది, దానికి తోడు రాష్ట్రం నలుమూలల నుంచి విధ్యార్థులు ఉండటం,మంచి అధ్యాపకులు ఉండటం జీవితంపై ఆశను పెంచి భవిష్యత్తుకు మంచి పునాది రాళ్ళు పడటానికి బాగా దోహదం చేసింది.

డిగ్రీ అంటే పార్ట్ టైం జాబ్ చేస్తూ పి.జి ఎంట్రెన్సులకు ప్రిపేరు కావడం అని కాకుండా,ఇక్కడ నేను చాలా విధాలుగా లబ్ది పొందాను. లైబ్రరీ ను వాడుకోవడం. రోజు వార్తపత్రికలు చదవడం, జాతీయ, అంతర్జాతీయ మ్యాగజైన్లు చదవడం వల్ల చాలా విశయాలు తెలుసుకున్నాను.ఇది నా మానసిక వికాసానికి ఎంతగానో దోహదం చేసింది.

రోజూ ఉదయాన్నే డ్యాం పైన జాగింగ్, లేక్ వ్యూ చదువులు, స్వర్గీయ కె.ఎస్.ఎన్, లాంటి గొవ్పవారి పాఠాలు వినడం ఎంతో అద్ర్షుష్టం. ఎంత డబ్బు గుమ్నరించినా దొరకని భాగ్యం అది.

ఫైనల్ ఇయర్ లో హాస్టల్ లెక్రటరీ కావడం, ఆపై పాండిచ్చేరి లో ఎం.సి.ఎ, చెన్నై, బెంగుళూరు నగరాల్లో ఉద్యోగం,ప్రస్థుతం హైదరాబాదులో ఓ సాఫ్ట్ వేర్ కంపనీలో ఉద్యోగం చేస్తున్నా.

కష్ఠపడి పోరాడితే ఓటమి పారిపోతుంది,విజయం సొంతం అవుతుంది.సాగర్ జీవితం నేర్పించిన పాఠం ఇది. సాగర్ కాలేజి జ్ఞాపకాలు, జీవితంలోని ఒక ముఖ్యమైన మదుర ఘట్టాన్నీ రివైండ్ చేసుకోవడం లాంటిది.

హరినాథ్ మల్లేపల్లి. 1997-2000

Monday, February 09, 2009

ఉచితం జాగ్రత్త

ఈ మద్య అన్ని ఉచితంగా ఇచ్చే బజారు వోటు బిచ్చగాళ్ళు వోచ్చారు. సంబరపడి పోకండి, అంతా ఉత్తి ఉత్తిదే. చిన్న పిల్లలు మారం చేస్తే పెద్ద వాళ్ళు ఏదో ఓక కథ చెప్పి మేనేజ్ చేసినట్టు రాజకీయం పేరిట కొంత మంది అవసరం ఉన్నా లేకున్నా ప్రతిది ఉచితంగా ఇవ్వడానికి సిద్దంగా ఉన్నారు. మాటల వరకే సుమా.

ఓ ప్రణాళిక లేదు. ఓ పద్దతి లేదు, అసలు ప్రజలకు ఏది అవసరమో తేలీదు. రూపాయి ఎలా వస్తుంది, ఎలా ఖర్చు అవుతోంది తేలీదు. ఎలా చేస్తే బాగుంటుందో అసలు తేలీదు. కానీ అదంతా అనవసరం. ఎన్నికలు వస్తున్నాయి కాబట్టి ఈ కతలు, కోతలు.

దీనికి తోడు మన న్యాయ వ్యవస్థ. అదే చట్టం. కాని, కోర్టు కోర్టు కు తీర్పు మారుతుంది. న్యాయానికి కూడా ఫాలిమార్ఫిజం ఉంటుంది కాబోలు. డబ్బున్న వాడికి అన్నీ దోరుకుతాయి. పోలీసులు గులాం అవుతారు. న్యాయం చుట్టం అవుతుంది.జైళ్లు ప్రత్యేకమవుతాయి.

డబ్బున్నవాడు ధన్యుడు,బలమున్న వాడు రాజవుతాడు. భీధవాళ్ళు బలవుతూనే ఉంటారు. ఉచితానుచితాలను పక్కన పెడితే ఇది మాత్రం నిజం.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Smart electronic displays for traffic management in India

We have seen Indian cities having exceeding growth than the available/affordable infrastructure. The more we build, the more is the demand. You see traffic problem, you build flyover roads and\or wide roads, just to find that after couple of years, it reaches saturation and we see lengthy traffic queues and problems. Other side effect is that too much of pollution and fuel utilization.

While the existing traffic signal mechanisms look sufficient, I thought we can create a better infrastructure, where in a commuter doesn't too look around dedicated for a possible traffic signal and its color. Lives are becoming busy and those tiny bulbs may not get enough attention all the time. I feel we have to have a better traffic signal display mechanism. probably an electronic display with 50 inch(height) row, spawning the width of the road could be a wonderful idea. We can display not just that RED/AMBER/GREEN bulb, but can show them text "STOP/PROCEED/SLOW" etc. When there is a "STOP" Signal, we can show updates on locally interesting items like the following.

  • Traffic conditions
  • Dynamic speed limits
  • S market
  • Weather report
  • Advertisements
  • Local happenings/events
  • Traffic alternatives/suggestions
  • Similar items

I captured some of the existing smart displays here. I am looking at a far better solution which is self sustaining (through the means of advertisements etc)

Data display seems to lead the smart display market.

In case if you have ideas/inputs on how we can build a cost effective, Eco friendly, robust traffic management system, please do share with me. you can send me mail. my mail id is the {subdomain}, please replace the subdomain with "harinathreddy"

Also please share with me, if it is possible to have LED based multi color display (need not be on part with LCD) 50 inch height,and 40 feet length and if yes, what is will be the rough estimate for the same?


Friday, January 09, 2009

Shashirekha parinayam - film review

Saw this movie, "Shashirekha parinayam" at prasads. A typical telugu movie with road side romance and love. This movie is not that interesting as the title. It is about a a girl who runs away from home on her marriage day (surprisingly, she is the last person to know about her marriage and that too on the last day, far off from today's realities, where people go around and spend time together in shopping etc even in arranged marriages). Incidentally it is Tarun (supposed to be the groom of the marriage, herion was trying to run away) who follows her journey from Amalapuram till Dilsukh nagar (I guess the distination, because we get fruitmarket, vegetable market in the last fight, suspect it to be kothapet market, then hospital climax, could be DSNR).

With a little halt in Bejawada, and couple of dances near Nagarjuna sagar (yes, the places are familar to me, Ethipothala and the Nagarjuna sagar Dam. I studied in Sagar for 3 years in APRDC).
heroin and hero reach hyderabad, with no particular purpose but landup realizing that they are the bride and groom for the cancelled marriage. Typical reunion of the families.

There is nothing much new in the movie. Genelia is not that nice as she was in "Bommarillu".

Movie was like an extended advt for CMR or some other cloth/jewellery showroom(Infact hero,heroin spend around 10 minutes of movie time in Manya shopping mall, vijayawada) you can rate around 2, 2.5 on the scale of 5. Not worth spending few valuable hours in costly cenema halls, that too in the present market conditions.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Shame Shame, No Petrol

India is going through a surprise shock. More than 50% of the petrol bunks are running dry. I saw at least half a Kilo meter traffic JAM at Lakdikapool HP petrol bunk, similar stuff at Shell petrol pump on Rajbhavan road. What about remaining pumps on the way? there is a black rope tied end to end, representing "OUT OF FUEL".

If the Situation continues,Indian cities will be pollution free and traffic police can sit at home watching TV, because there will be no more fuel for any type of vehicles.

It is really shame on the government, they must haven't let things go out of control. Really shame shame!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hope and coordination Helps Pakistan and India

At last "kasab" is confirmed as pakistani. But what next? should we attack Pakistan and ruin it or keep blaming it? We must see Pakistan as a very critical neighbour in very critical condition. It is time Indian government show more hope and try coordinating with Pakistan some more time. May be a visit of Mr. Singh to Pakistan and meeting the Pakistan high political and military heads help resolve many issues.

World must acknowledge that They created Pakistan,and it has grown to such a condition where it has become more dangerous than any nuclear bombs that exists in this world. Its political system is very weak. I seriously doubt if their military arms are in control by their heads.

Mumbai attacks might have had serious support from inside people,but may be on their personal account. There might not be a state support, there may be also.

A war will lead us no where. It is like two families fighting each other. Winning condition is always that "No one should lost". A very difficult condition, but it is true. Both these countries are highly populated and any step towards war will leave many dead and wounded and that is NO GOOD for any country.

Probably India should be more clever. Put its people across Pakistan, help Pakistan grow as a stable country and its political leadership. Grow some good thoughts in their minds and get them good visibility in the world. "Make it your partner, not enemy"

India could help Pakistan by providing required help to meet their power,fuel requirements and other commodities. Treat Pakistan a union of Indian states and then you start providing them more help.

Humanity should win. Terrorism is like cancer, we must have treatment, but not kill the patient.

Let satyam be saved

Today's revelation by Mr. Ramalinga Raju, Satyam Chairman, about the inflation in the financial statements of the company are very much shocking.

He must be going through very difficult times, at least for the last few months. As he mentioned, it is really difficult to manage the "tiger ride". He might be honest and was trying to bring normalcy in the company affairs. Also it could be possible that he is saving real culprits.
Raju's statement says it all. an excerpt.

"Every attempt made to eliminate the gap failed. As the promoters held a small percentage of equity, the concern was that poor performance would result in a take-over, thereby exposing the gap. It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten."

It is time, Government should come forward and protect the interests of the stake holders,employees, customers. We cannot just blame and kill Satyam.This world class company must make a come back. Every one who have a chance to make this happen, should provide all the support and let the "come back" happen

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Democracy, Governement, Bureaucracy and Elections

The way Government and its Ministers make promises in India really surprises me. India is not yet fully democratic. Part of what is present is not truly democratic. Son becomes ruler after father, Wife becomes party president or minister if father dies or goes to jail. Leaders are big liers. They promise heaven to keep people happy, but they do not know basic work flow of how money comes and goes. I am not saying everyone is like this,but most of them are!.

Ministers do not have enough details on whether they can actually commit something to people, whether the budget allows new promises. But they know only one thing, they need to keep people or a particular sect happy, so they go on promising.

Governments are like white elephants. They are very costly in India. Not the 100% of the budget goes into public service. Our elections are costly affairs. All the parties need lot of funding. Ever wondered why this time the wine shop licenses got lot of money to Exchequer?(in the state of Andhra pradesh) Because this time we have elections. All of sudden, We see new roads (in Greater Hyderabad), probably this is to fund the present government and its leaders for the summer elections.

Well, well, well, everyone talks of this. What is there to a common man? Have you ever applied for a water connection? electricity connection? a ration card or a voter id card?

You name the service, the end user experiences are not pleasant. An year back I wanted to get a water connection, went to water board office in Rajendra nagar. They gave me a "Form" but said we need to submit the filled in form in Khairatabad. yes I did that after struggling to identify where that office is, took few months of serious follow up with various people, Satyanarayana and Mr. Laxman Rao (Water board Rajendra nagar Manager), Finally I got the approval. They are supposed to send their workers to provide me the connection. It never happened. So I went ahead and got it done.

Why this story?, Last week I visited the same office (they got new building) for a water connection again (for my neighbour), this time the answer is "Form" is not available.

Well, The "Form" is not in TELUGU, but it is in "ENGLISH", I wonder how many can really read and fill in the "Form".

But for those who are little scared of this complex process, Please talk to Mr. Satyanarayana or someone in that office informally (pay them a thousand or something extra) and you get the connection without any problem.

Ever tried to apply an electricity connection?, everyone scared me about it and they told me to contact one JLM (Mr. Fakruddin), He took little over 3000/- for a new meter installation (in 2007 august).
Few months back while fighting for something with APCPDCL (about not issuing proper bill for new meter connections), I found that actual cost is just 1300/- or so and it is a simple process (Go to APCPDCL customer care center and there will be some one to help you on this). But it takes 2 weeks or so (standard time).

Again there is a problem with "Form", its in "ENGLISH". How many people can really fill in English? I do not think we really have a choice here.

In 2007, when I was in Scotland, I saw some booklets "Know your government" or something, having Urdu translation as well, Because there are many Muslims from south Asian countries.

Do we really care for "What a common man needs?" Surprisingly not many of us know "What is needed", not the governments, not the opposition parties, and not even by those NGOs.

Regarding the ACB rides(Anti corruption bureau) rides, and finding some big fishes (senior bureaucrats involved in corruption), everyone is shouting on this, but Is there any proper "Root cause analysis happening on this?" Not really.

Government (of Andhra pradesh) is fully on shopping spree, they want to sell every acre of government (including the land of poor people), and then build some big concrete jungles (Lift irrigation schemes), irrespective of whether we really are going to have enough power to run this plants (Everyone knows about the power problems we are facing, all the villages in the state get only few hours of power supply daily).

Government want to release as much money as it can, borrow as much as it can,and fund their party workers to grow rich. You know "Congress is fat and smiling".

When you spend like hell, isn't it your responsibility to have a proper analysis, execution, auditing etc? Even properly planned and executed projects find lot of issues. When you do not plan anything and go on spending, well people will try to get benefit of the situation. Bureaucrats will earn "CRORES" of rupees and properties for doing favours to contractors.

Is it only problem with bureaucrats? No not really. Bureaucracy represents "Government". I strongly believe they are like "Mirror image" for government.

Whether we agree or not "Money, Power, Wine and Women" rule us irrespective of whether it is medieval times or modern era.

Irony is that, we are in democratic country but do not have to choice to choose our future.Wether we vote or not, some one will win and rule us.

Probably we need to bring awareness in people about 49-O. read more about more about 49-O rule here

I re-print 49-O here.

49-O. Elector deciding not to vote.-If an elector, after his

electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters

in Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as

required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to record his

vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in

Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb

impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.

Isn't it time that we say "No" to everyone? let there be elections multiple times, let every political leader become poor because they end up spending all their earnings? May be we need to evolve mechanism to conduct elections with "Least cost" possible so that it doesnt cost much to conduct elections time and again.

Let there be elections as many times required, till it proves that all these afluent political leaders run out money.

Well, for me a "Fair Election" is the one, where individuals vote based on their personal understanding about the candidates, not by the money, sarees or the wine provided by these candidates.

On the side note, I think it will be a wonderful idea to impose "Prohibition of wine shops and supplies" for at least 3 weeks before the elections and 1 week after the elections.