Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Auto Riskhaw - AP 13 V 5336

No, the title is not about another movie in Indian film industry. This is the number of a Auto Riskhaw that troubled me with hell lot of smoke that it is releasing. It actually hides visibility of the road some times because of the dense smoke it is releasing.

I chased the auto, asked the driver to take side and stop. he obliged. I asked him in Telugu, why are you driving an auto with this much of smoke troubling everyone on the road. he said he doesn't know Telugu, so then asked the same in Hindi with my limited knowledge. He says it is the problem with LPG. I told him he must rectify the problem before coming onto the road and it must be in garage not on the city roads. he was pretending as if the problem started just few min before and he cannot leave his customer on road. Its a big lie.

I usually stop 1 or 2 vehicles every month that irritate me too much with smoke. You know all our lives are at risk because of the greedy nature of few vehicle owners.

I already tried raising the issue with RTA. These guys say they have lot of their problems like shortage of man power, no funds etc. To one of my RTI request with RR district RTA office at Attapur about the GMR airport buses releasing too much smoke (they are outdated/overused second hand buses mostly), RTA gave me a response stating everything is within the control of pollution standards. Too much a lie than a fact.

Well, It makes me sick, if govt cannot provide us basic stuff to live, our leaders must be ashamed for not taking care of all these stuff. But If you shut your car windows and go in AC mode, then you might not find the pollution as an issue at all.

Well, I think I must fight with few more departments. Let the common man win.


Vengateswaran C said...

greatly appreciate you buddy...
India needs more and more people of your kind to save itself.


Hari Mallepally said...

Thanks Venky

Rakesh Aryasomayajula said...

Smoke from vehicles can be used to make print ink (Black). (Experimentally done in IIT-Kanpur). Channelizing our efforts in this direction would help cut the pollution and get few jobs in recession hit economy.