Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drinking License

It might look like nonsense but this idea has flashed into my mind few weeks back and its keep coming, so that i could record it.

Most of the Indian middle class, poor segment people are affected by the bad habit of drinking often causing disturbances in the family and also heinous crimes. If you look at the real issue here is that, people are drinking at the cost of the family. If you have lots of money and drink occassionally it is fine but if you do not have enough money and put all your daily/monthly earnings into buying some more alcohol, it doesn't look fair at all. So there must be some control by the state and one solution possible is issuing licenses for drinking.

Well, the idea is that every BAR and WINE shop should be automated and every purchase should record the drinking license of the customer.

Like PAN card or Credit Card, every person who is interested to drink should apply to the Government for drinking license, based on the economic conditions of the applicant he should be issued license (silver, gold,platinum kind of). The silver license should get him few bottles a month where as gold can get him some more, platinum should give him even more bottles.


1. He must be Indian - Foreigners may be exempted when they produce their passport.
2. Income proof
3. Doctor certificate - only from government hospitals.
4. ID Proof
5. Address proof.
6. Family details.
7. License category opted for
8. Applicable free (Rs 500/- for silver, 5000/- for gold and 50,000/- for platinum)

When the application is received with all the documentation, there will be a verification and upon verification of the information, automated system will figure out the eligibility of the applicants and print out the card which will be sent to the address of the applicant via registered post.

Each WINE shop should have a computer with network and each sale they do should be recorded in the centralized server.

This solves various problems:
1. So called Belt shops /unofficial retail shops will find it difficult to source the alcohol.
2. Families will be happier as there is a restriction on the total alcohol he/she can buy.
3. Every sale is recorded so if some one is trying to buy in bulk and bribe people during election etc, it will not be possible.
4. Government can change the rules without much problem like eligibility etc and also easy to find out the total profit/taxes to the government.

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Unknown said...

This is an excellent IDEA!

Everybody should start thinking on how best we can implement it!

If you closely observe, drinking alcohol would be really the source for many issues.

For most of the crimes, drinking alcohol would be a real cause. So if we stop or regularize drinking the alcohol, we can reduce the crime rate in the society, which will increase the human values in the society and it leads to better life for our future generations!