Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emergency numbers for Rajendra Nagar and specially for Sri Venkateswara Enclave

Please keep the following numbers handly in case of any emergency.
Petrolling vehicle number :9490617364 /9948064760
Rajendra Nagar police station: 040-24015333
Cyberabad helpline: 040-27853418 / I was told that we can even call 108.

Please note dialing 100 will not work for us as we fall in cyberabad area (police have this seperation while there is no revenue division with the name cyberabad).
if you dial 100, u will be given the cyberabad help line number and asked to dail that number. It is a stupid thing with police.

Other important numbers:
Street lights:
Imran (Superviser) : 9866023340 - first preference
Call center: 040 - 24577623 - second preference
Contractor Yadaiah : 939136392 - contractor will give pointers in case if above 2 numbers are not picking the phone
Ambedkar - Engineer : 9989930672 - Head for electricity for Rajendra Nagar circle

Power line/Transformer (APCPDCL)
24hr helpline :9396440728
Srinu 939404756

Drainage and other civil works:
Work inspector : Hem singh : 9989635954

Water leakages
Towards Chaitanya vilas
Narasimha Reddy :9391100656

Towards Upparpally village (from transformer onwards)
Rami Reddy : 9399907277

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