Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let us win

I some how have gut feeling that our guys in politics (should we call them leaders?) are not up to the mark (most of them, with few exceptions). But then we need to elect someone, so we need to choose the better one among the bad guys. It is little difficult job.

I went to GHMC Rajendra Nagar cirlce office to get updated vote list of my colony (I am the General Secretary of Sri Venkateswara Enclave, Upparpally), but I didn't get the list. MRO said they will distribute the list to political parties and i need to get it from them. There was one political party leader who assured he will get a copy to me. We spent lot of time in that office looking over the paper bundles if there is a list (numbers between 79 to 85 ) of our colony residents. But of no use. There are too many of them and I was not able to figure it out.

This morning,I visited One Mr. K.S.Rao who is owner of a house in my colony, He told me he never voted in his full life time. (He is a retired engineer). His reason, once upon a time, he went to polling both to vote, but they said he has to vote in another booth. No one helped him properly. He went around 3 to 4 polling booths just to get disappointed. He made a oath not to try to vote again.

There are 2 things that bother me in this.
1. As a citizen he must have spend few minutes before the poll day to figure out where to vote. Might be checking with his neighbours local chota mota leaders.
2. Election commission or its representatives must guide people about this. Probably they can simply print some information kits with the necessary information and distribute it for free. I see this not at all happening.

Well, regarding the vote and the results, no one is going to change our life. I only wish they not to create any further troubles.

Who ever wins, no direct use to us (most probably). Only way we can get work out of them is to force them to address our issues. Let us raise RTI requests, or raise complaints with all the relevant departments, go and meet the govt representatives etc. If we do this aggressively, Govt, MLAs will be forced to look into the issues. Let us keep them so busy and give a sense of monitoring so that they will work for us. After all they are our servants. It is our responsibility to extract work out of them. My wife will shout at the maid javascript:void(0)if she doesn't clean the house properly. We must apply the same rule to our public servants. Let us shout at them and get things done.

If we do this, who ever might be the winner in elections, Ultimate winners will be the voters/public.

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