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Three Wrong Turns

It was an interesting day today. We started as per the plan (at 8.30AM PST) from Pleasanton to San Francisco. Our Itenary includes California academy of sciences and Golden gate bridge.  The reason to start early was to get free street side parking, I have paid 9 or 10 dollars per hour parking in the garage below the academy so I wanted to be safe and save few bucks.  When I have the route on google maps, it said, it starts at 9.30AM, It never started that soon in any of my previous visits (and that was because all my previous visits were on Sunday :-) ). So was bit worried about getting parking, my plan of going bit early and grabbing the  free parking seems going wrong. My wife some how sure that parking will be available.  The reason for multiple visits is I got annual pass for the academy. Realized gas is half and took gas break to fill the tank. I don't want to run into issues because of gas (had few minor experiences earlier), so now the time to academy is extended