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NGO experience

Working with NGO is a different ball game. It is actually a store of surprises. You might come across few serious volunteers and some times you get someone who is ready to source bigger funds. And at times people expect you to bribe them (say banks or govt authorties) to get the works done. One need to be highly patient of all these things. You call for a meeting and you discover you are the only one turned up for the meeting or some times you get overwhelmed by the presence of  large number of volunteers. Even among the volunteers, we always get the IDENTITY CRISIS. Even one has their own way of working style and also would like to have their own identity getting reflected even for smaller activities. Also you get to see people who work very hard, but still leave the credit to others. Best part of my experience with NGOs is that, it is lot different from your regular employment, where life is somewhat predictable.  I personally believe that it is not really charity on what I am d