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Let us hope for change, No YSR again please

The state political situation looks to be at a decisive phase now. Congress is trying to regain power back again. While chiranjeevi is making inroads into all the districts but making the opposition votes split up ( In case if he goes alone for the polls). The Congress has done enough of what they wanted to do. Lot of irrigation projects in progress (lot of corruption is reported), and as the works are in progress, we do not need really congress again into power to complete irrigation projects. That was the positive side. On the other side, they sold all government lands to private people at throw away prices (or occupied themselves). They have done what ever is possible to sell what ever is available (or first grab and then sell). Borrowed money from all possible means just to make a fat budget without proper discipline. They have introduced so many welfare schemes, but essentially all of them are like pittance when compared to the profits out of corruption/power plays. It is like b

Virus removal instructions

Some of the steps, that I apply when I find that my system got infected with a virus, Usually this becomes more visible when you find task manager, or regedit is disabled, or you find system resources are in full use even though you do not run too many applications. 1. download process explorer from microsoft website. This is a nice tool, to begin with. it provides you details of present running processes in your system. It provides you additional information like path, executable name, whether it is a microsoft application etc. 2. If you suspect an application that is running, take the name of it and search on internet, see if you get any virus alert. If yes, your system is infected with virus. 3. Follow the internet for removal of virus. 4. One simple cure, that I always apply is to remove the file entries from system and remove references to the file from registry (especially from the start up applications list). Ope

Ubuntu zindabad

Recently I moved to full fledged non MS environment by installing KUBUNTU in my laptop. I nhave been using open office in windows box as well for some time. I had few problems with Kubuntu. 1. sound - was getting sound only while shutting down, installing VLC also didnt help. 2. wireless network - whole idea of buying a laptop was to be mobile, not to sit at a fix place in the house. With the help of Mohan and Shiva, got mplayer installed, it was working but not the other softwares like VLC. After doing some fixes (exact fix is unknown :-), sound is working fine. Today, I have installed gnome in my kubuntu, now it says "Ubuntu". Apart from the name change, the real benifit I got is the wireless connectivity. I got my INSPIRON 1525 connected to the Dlink router. This is wonderful. GNOME is not as flashy as KDE but then it is more comfortable because the options look similar (familiar as windows :-). The concept of free software is great. IT is no more a luxury. You do not need

Symfony PHP framework

Symfony is one the good PHP frameworks available. It is not for simple projects (considering the overheads and learning curves). If your project little big have decent number of screens and some logic and authentication, role based access etc and if you are seriously looking at PHP, mysql based solution, then symfony is a good solution. we have using symfony to build OCMS . I am attaching couple of screen shots from the symfony generated code. They look good right? who doesn't like some tool to generate the UI for us based on database tables? we can customize and use the stuff.

Get paid to play games

Get paid to play games. interesting isn't it. That is what i am doing right now. This wont be the case for you. If you want to loose some money, then go ahead and play the games I am playing now at . Yes it is fully developed and managed by my company. Well, in order to build a new jackpot solution, I need to learn and play most of these games. Altogether new domain, but intersting.

Drupal and zoomla - the CMS

I was doing basic study of zoomla and drupal. As both of them being open source content management systems, it was very easy to get the latest downloads and setup them up in my apache server. unzipped them into d:/apps folder. renamed the root folders to plain names (removed version info etc). and configured apache with additional virtual hosts. we need to have mysql installed already. Apache configuration entries... Listen 100 Listen 200 ServerName localhost DocumentRoot "D:/apps/Joomla" DirectoryIndex index.php Alias /zoomla D:/apps/Joomla AllowOverride All Allow from All ServerName localhost DocumentRoot "D:/apps/drupal" DirectoryIndex index.php Alias /drupal D:/apps/drupal AllowOverride All Allow from All Zoomla, installation is straight forward. after installation it asks us to delete "installation" folder. Where as drupal asks you to copy "/sites/default/default.settings.php" to "/sites/default/

My first week outside Infosys

Just thought of sharing my experience with new company. While it was not too difficult for me to leave previous company and start with another one without any gap, I found lot of difference within the few days. I got what ever I missed at Infosys. Infosys is a factory, People, Printers, Stationary all are called "Resources". You cannot browse internet properly, you cannot download, you need to big someone to do the downloads for you and wait for their mercy (1 or 2 days). Last few months were very very difficult, the more I tried to contribute the more work I had in my plate. And always there were only few questions "What is the status and when will it get completed?". While there is nothing wrong with these questions, think of a scenario where in you are deep into troubles,fixing issue by issue and some one asking you update for every 10 or 15 minutes. Doesn't it irritate you? There are many bosses then the people who really execute it. All those typical soft

Roads, Footpaths and Speadbreakers in GHMC

You can find below, the response framed by GHMC to one of my RTI request with them. I have scanned all the documents (including appeals) and uploaded them to blogger. I was asked to visit SE-II at GHMC to get the information after the final hearing at AP State Information Commission. Today noon, I visited GHMC office, and when insisted they provided me a xerox copy of the information. Ironically, you can find the GHMC formal response to the hearing (signed by Sudharshan, SE-II) containing just one line response stating the number of spead breakers in GHMC. But they gathered information and kept it with themselves. Formal response they sent to me by reg. post is

AP Information Commission is a farse

I have really bad experiences with AP State Information Commission. These guys at APIC are care free birds.  For the information commissiors their designation is important. They enjoy the luxuries of the designation and do very little to do justice to RTI spirit. In one hearing that i attended there, they asked me to come to their office and pickup the information on last saturday . I went to their office today (2 work days delay) assuming that information will be available there and I just need to pickup from them. they gave me one sheet which is response from GHMC Superintending Engineer-II (Lt No SE-II/ GHMC /PA/2008-2009/1669.  With just one line response "Total no of speed breakers in GHMC are  4261" My request contained what is the total footpath and usable foot path as well as how many speed breakers and for how many of them indicators are available. When insisted for information in complete, they said go and meet Mr. Sudarshan SE-II at GHMC office at 3PM tomo

ఫొటో వోటర్ల ప్రత్యేక సంక్షిప్త సవరణ

విషయము: ఫొటో వోటర్ల ప్రత్యేక సంక్షిప్త సవరణ చివరి తేది: డిశంబరు పద్దెనిమిది 2008మీరు ఇప్పటి దాకా వోటరు కాకపోతే ఫారం సిక్ష్సు భర్తీ చెయాలి...వోటు కోసం దరఖాస్తు ని ఇంటరునెట్ లో కూడా భర్తీ చేయవచ్చు Please use Internet explorer only for accessing some of the functionalities are not compatible with other browsers.