Ubuntu zindabad

Recently I moved to full fledged non MS environment by installing KUBUNTU in my laptop. I nhave been using open office in windows box as well for some time.

I had few problems with Kubuntu.
1. sound - was getting sound only while shutting down, installing VLC also didnt help.
2. wireless network - whole idea of buying a laptop was to be mobile, not to sit at a fix place in the house.

With the help of Mohan and Shiva, got mplayer installed, it was working but not the other softwares like VLC.

After doing some fixes (exact fix is unknown :-), sound is working fine.

Today, I have installed gnome in my kubuntu, now it says "Ubuntu".

Apart from the name change, the real benifit I got is the wireless connectivity. I got my INSPIRON 1525 connected to the Dlink router. This is wonderful. GNOME is not as flashy as KDE but then it is more comfortable because the options look similar (familiar as windows :-).

The concept of free software is great. IT is no more a luxury. You do not need to pay anything to get generic softwares setup in your computer. Its true, Try ubuntu. As kranthi says industry will be more democratic in the near future.


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