Let us hope for change, No YSR again please

The state political situation looks to be at a decisive phase now. Congress is trying to regain power back again. While chiranjeevi is making inroads into all the districts but making the opposition votes split up ( In case if he goes alone for the polls).

The Congress has done enough of what they wanted to do. Lot of irrigation projects in progress (lot of corruption is reported), and as the works are in progress, we do not need really congress again into power to complete irrigation projects.

That was the positive side. On the other side, they sold all government lands to private people at throw away prices (or occupied themselves). They have done what ever is possible to sell what ever is available (or first grab and then sell). Borrowed money from all possible means just to make a fat budget without proper discipline. They have introduced so many welfare schemes, but essentially all of them are like pittance when compared to the profits out of corruption/power plays. It is like bribing people to vote by distributing money in all possible means. While people are getting little bit of benefit, Congress leaders made hell lot of fortunes.

Bureaucracy is highly corrupted now and looks like if someone is decent then he/she cannot work. Chandarababu naidu (TDP president) tried to bring the state bureaucracy to a viable and disciplined order but congress pushed it back to few decades.

Free power:

YSR went on giving what ever is demanded. He promised free power and now villages do not have proper power supply even during the monsoon season(when we are supposed to have abundant hydal power).

Rs 2 Kg:
When TDP wanted to play similar tricks as congress and brought back,Rs 2 KG rice scheme (which NTR has introduced during his tenure), YSR,introduced Rs 2 KG rice for the BPL people, while removing the subsidy for the majority of the people.

Drink more for the state development:
Lots of licenses for given for wine shops. Congress wanted more people do drink and contribute to the state Exchequer.

In case if we elect Congress back to power in the state, we are going to have very difficult condition, they are going to ruin the sate.

It is time, opposition need to join hands together and defeat congress. Remember YSR played all cheap tactics like encouraging naxalites to kill TDP leaders (during last elections, every day some TDP leader or the other was killed daily by naxalites) and joined hands with TRS and communists.

Only thing Chandrababu noidu, didn't realize was to get money by selling all govt/public lands to get money and distribute to public in the name of some welfare scheme or the other.

Let us hope, we do not get to see YSR into power again.


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