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State matters -police

Police, supposed to be protectors of the state and people. Most of us have seen how bad the police could be, in most of the indian movies. That is true mostly, but there are some good people as well. I met police few months back, when some miscreants stopped the bus I am travelling and started breaking the window glasses. They damaged the front glass (infront of the driver) and also few of the window glasses. It happened somewhere near Kandukur(on the way to kalwakurthy\Srisailam from hyd). Some how some of us(passengers) were managed to catch hold of one guy in the team and took him to the kandukur police station. S.I in that station is ditto copy of the corrupted police we see in the movies. He almost took the stand of the miscreants and started doing settlment like penalty of 1000 or 1500/ from the miscreants, while the actual damage was more than 3000/-. I was really shouting at the SI, asking him whether this is what he is supposed to do. Then we came out of the police station an

State matters - media

I almost stopped blogging, partly because of the new policies at workplace.I cannot blog from workplace, i cannot see most of the sites, including flickr, picasa etc. Another reason was that I got into some project which didnt leave any scope for free time and the new manager who wanted to get something up so that he gets some visibility, so the team was busy all the time. At last, architecture, HLD,DLD etc are completed and hence I am out of the project. Well, the point that I wanted to discuss in this post is about the serious and funny aspects of the society. Media: I remember the college days, myself, TVB,Ramu(works for eenadu now) were really amused at the print media capacity. We used to write to 'Letters to the editor' columns of all the dialies (Telugu and english)and some times same item used to come in almost all the dailies(though it is not a daily occurance). The number of pen friends we got (most of them of opposite gender). It was great to have pen friends. I was