Friday, June 27, 2008

State matters - media

I almost stopped blogging, partly because of the new policies at workplace.I cannot blog from workplace, i cannot see most of the sites, including flickr, picasa etc.
Another reason was that I got into some project which didnt leave any scope for free time and the new manager who wanted to get something up so that he gets some visibility, so the team was busy all the time.

At last, architecture, HLD,DLD etc are completed and hence I am out of the project.

Well, the point that I wanted to discuss in this post is about the serious and funny aspects of the society.

I remember the college days, myself, TVB,Ramu(works for eenadu now) were really amused at the print media capacity. We used to write to 'Letters to the editor' columns of all the dialies (Telugu and english)and some times same item used to come in almost all the dailies(though it is not a daily occurance). The number of pen friends we got (most of them of opposite gender). It was great to have pen friends. I was so impressed by one girl that I proposed to her even without seeing her photograph, she didnt respond that time, but recently come to know that she did that intentionally becuase she is taller than me. :-).

Jokes apart,well Media is like drugs, some times it is good and some times it is bad. Mostly media is trying to showcase the evils of the society and most importantly it is convincing us to live with the evils. Not sure if it is going to solve any issue by showing random/limited evils on a large scale to the public, but certainly it does force us to compromise to live with all the evils in the society.

media has become a big business now a days. Once upon a time, it was the voice of the speechless it was messiah of the under privileged. Even now it looks like that. There are columns representing the common man, but the media is more polluted. They present news with their eyes(many times it is true, media stopped reporting what has happened, but started reporting what it sees happening). Everyone has some some advantage of something or the other.

Same news, read multiple news papers or watch multiple news channels, you really get confused about what is the fact and which one to believe?

Might be time will come, where doctors will recommend stop reading news papers or watching news channels in TV for sensitve patients.

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Vinay said...

Grt! job work dude . Lov ur pics of of that flyover(watever U call it).