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As we grow old, time passes too fast (As we involve in activities and keep ourselves busy, might be it looks too fast). For me it looks like just the weekends are the life and rest of the week days are something that just disappear with  the office work or other activities. Some times(or should I say most of the times), even weekends are spent for doing something or the other. Year 2011 was an eventful year and made me realize the GAP that remains between "What I want to be and what I am now". I realized I am not sufficient enough to reach what I need to be. I need to stay focused  to realize my entrepreneur goal. I have already had a taste of it with my association with yassume , freshbrains and the attempt of careerscale made this year taste the path to my goal a bit. on a  personal front moving to "ivy comptech" was an important decision I made. Every job I have done gave me lot of different exposure on a technical front as well as people manage