As we grow old, time passes too fast (As we involve in activities and keep ourselves busy, might be it looks
too fast). For me it looks like just the weekends are the life and rest of the week days are something that just disappear with  the office work or other activities. Some times(or should I say most of the times), even weekends are spent for doing something or the other.

Year 2011 was an eventful year and made me realize the GAP that remains between "What I want to be and what I am now". I realized I am not sufficient enough to reach what I need to be.

I need to stay focused  to realize my entrepreneur goal. I have already had a taste of it with my association with yassume , freshbrains and the attempt of careerscale made this year taste the path to my goal a bit.
on a  personal front moving to "ivy comptech" was an important decision I made. Every job I have done gave me lot of different exposure on a technical front as well as people management. Very often our intentions might not be understood by the people around with the correct motive and assuming that other will understand it was the biggest mistake and learning I have in the year 2011. At the same time, i still believe my work should speak for me and I shouldn't do any parrot talk and get the superficial attention. Even if it takes time my work will speak for me and pay the way. Working more and smart is the only way I could reach what I want to be. The thirst for success is increasing with time and I hope that is positive for me.

Learning  good politics is one thing I need to do. We often complain that the boss or team members are not good or playing politics. They might be feeling insecure or just not ready to accept "as you are", but time should always provide a solution and the fact is  "When you know what you want the whole world conspires you to achieve it" (paulo coelho in  Alchemist).
 People often play politics because they might not like you or might be they feel insecure. I believe no one has any life time enmity with you.  I have very few objectives for the new year. I am not sure I should make them public, but a blog post might help me log it for rest of my life. After all we do not know when is  our last day.

1. Perform well in the job (Goal is not to be fired :-) ).
2. Learn training skills.
3. Be nice to people. I am really nice to people whom I know and have good association. I need to extend this to everyone I work with.  I am not against anyone but I should never leave a doubt factor that I am harsh or against anyone. It is just about giving positive perception.
4. Never forget the first objectives.
I hope the year 2012 will be a better year for the world. Let the goodness spread everywhere. Let us ring in this new year with all positive hopes. let us hope our hopes come true.


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