Monday, August 10, 2009

Exploitation of the society

Last sunday I happen to watch Saraswathi's documentary called "coastal under attack". It was an interesting movie exposing the problems of the coastal villages where people lost their land, livelyhood etc because of the large scale industrialization.

People lost their lands, almost by force. Though there are "hearings" to know people opinions, everything (should I say most of them) are manipulated.

We can always argue about the immediate need of more GAS, more POWER and more chemical companies but as Rakesh rightly put it "At whose cost?". Are these people inferior than us in hyderabad? If it is we in big cities who use most of the GAS, POWER then why these village people on coastal corridor are suffering?. Rakesh argued about having a nuclear reactor right here in Jubilee Hills or in ISB (Indian School of Business, this Context came when Krishnan of ISB argued about the necessity of the industrialization).

Well, I view this as a controllable inevitable problem. If the villages were relocated to places where then can get houses, work etc., that becomes easy. But there is inertia in the villagers to move out and also there is no proper political will to achieve this. The result: Polluted water, air and many deaths because of this. Do we need this? I say NO.

Instead of giving solutions, I am trying to relate this with exploitation present everywhere. Look at the corrupt Government. Do not go by what they say in media. They do not have any serious will to develop the state(of Andhra pradesh) to next level. They want themself and their families to grow rich and develop. Politics is a mean of achieving development.

Did you get the idea? If you want to become a big businessman then I would suggest you try politics first.

When the system is weak, everyone who can bend or break the system will exploit it anyway. I Strongly believe that system itself should be tough to exploit. If not everyone will exploit it.

I was speaking to one person in my village few weeks back. He is a ward member as well. He was telling that he along with another person took contract of Rs 1 Lakh to build boundary wall. They did 50% of the work but got only 32k in hand. Remaining amount ? District, Mandal and village level distribution for officials and chota mota leaders.

Village surpanch demanded 2 laksh as loan from my father but as my father has no money, he was denied some govt assistance (because surpanch didnt want).

Government is patronizing the cast feelings and religion feelings (because of reservations and many other factors). Govt execution doesn't really protect the real interest of the state.

Look at the "Sakshi" phenomena. To give advertisements to Sakshi, Y.S.Rajasekhar reddy govt exploited the system by changing the law. Instead of ABC report, CA report is sufficient to win advertisements. Sakshi is getting crores of rupees (Or we can say Sakshi is run by the state congress govt). Well, the story doesn't end here. Other news papers as well started using "CA reports" to show their circulation strength and getting benefit out of it (more money from govt through advertisements).

Y.S.R. gov. should understand (I think they know it already) that If you want to do mistake, you need to live with many compromises because of that.

Anyway government is shameless. They are direct beneficiaries of corruption, bureaucratic hell. So they will want the system to be same rather than making it better.

System should be same for everyone. It should be a place of law rather than of people. System should treat everyone equal and provide equal opportunities to everyone.

Until we reach this point, present issues (of corruption, militancy, neglect) will continue exist. I hope you agree with me.

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