Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giving it back - Bhallan pally

My recent visit to Bhallan pally village, Mahabub nagar district gave me more in sight into what the schools in the village require. Yes it is my native place and my parents live here.

Last few days (or one week), I have been busy spending my evenings exploring various shops for buying some teaching material and books for my schools (Primary and High schools).

Here is a list of items that bought.

1. Vernier calipers - 2
2. Screwguague - 2
3. Magnets (Bar and Horse shoe)
4. Pendulum
5. Stop watch
6. Metal ball and ring
7. AID (Association of India Development) kit worth Rs 400/-
8. Spring balance
9. Thermo meters - 2
10. Min, max thermometer.
11. Magnesium sheet
12. Chemistry model making material (60 balls and sticks)
13. Litmus papers
14. Biology charts -8
15. South america chart -1
16. Paper charts -20 (includes periodic table, maps and other related items).
17. Good student - telugu motivational books by B.V.Pattabhiram. -3 copies
18. Wings of Fire - Telugu version - 2 copies
19. Plastic tables books (multiplication tables).
20. Pens - 150 (individual price is Rs 5/- but we bargained for Rs 2).
21. Pencils - 100
22. Ch.Ramaiah books -2
25. Geometry boxes -5
26. use and throw pens - 2 packets (50 pens)
27. General knowledge books -2
28. Pedda balasiksha (small version) -1
29. Sumathi, vemana shathakam - 1 each.
30. Convex, concave lenses and mirrors - 1 each
31. Calculators -10 (gifted by Divya, Hope children will like them (and they are from USA). 4 I will give to divaker reddy garu. (total of 15 sent by divya, 10 for bhallan pally school, 4 for bhasheerabad mandal school of diwaker reddy garu, 1 for a +2 student in hyd)

List may not be complete but thought it will help me track what are the needs of school children.

I must thank few people in this regard. Divaker garu for giving me company while buying some items. Satya krishna for pointers. Adarsh for giving me loan to buy these items (It is becoming little difficult as I am trying to become debt free :-) ). Prasanthi for connecting me with AID Srihari. Sri hari for giving me wonderful kit of physics experiments. It is really wonderful. as many as 36 experiments can be executed with the kit he has given me.

Places of interest:
Scientific and sergical items - Tilak road(Abids) and Nampally.
Stationery: Siddiamber bajar,
Books Sultan bajar
Pens and pencils: Hafiz plaza (divaker garu bought it for me at this place).

If you are buying in bulk, you get good discount.

Why am I doing this? Am I doing service? No. It it is a delayed previlage for me. I went through lot of hurdles in my life. Even a 5 digit salary was a dream while I was in B.Sc but I am far better now. No proper guidance, no proper facilities, no money to study, always doubt abt what is next for me (question about will I do intermediate (+2) after 10th and then will I study degree after +2 etc..). Society helped me. I remember how seshu, adarsh, ramesh,srinu etc helped me to get ready for my first job interview in life. some one gave tie, some one gave a shirt and someone gave shoe.. Did they do service? they didn't think of that. They wanted some one of us to get selected. Everyone needed jobs and way back in 2003 it was still post y2k recession.

Also I think of my parents who sent me some money order by cutting trees and by selling wood, and some of the daily wagers who loaned small amounts to my mother which in tern are used for my education.

Prasanthi has some quote in her signature that means "If you want to do something, whole world will try to help you". Its very meaningful message. I believe it is true. Even when you are in troubles, may be there is some lesson to learn that helps you grow.

Well back to the main subject. I am not serving anyone, I am just giving it back to them. They helped me grow to a level where I can stand on my own. Now I am trying to take care of small small needs of the schools in my village hoping that someday someone will think of it when they grow in their life and start giving back to the village. Isn't it a beautiful idea.


Unknown said...

నాకు అవసరం వచ్చినప్పుడు అప్పు ఇవ్వకపొతే నీ తోలు తీస్తా

Surya Rao Rayarao said...

Hey man,
I just saw your post abour your school and things you brought for your school. Good Job.

I'm Surya also from a ZPHS school working at DST as project lead, hyderabad, also wanted to do something for my school. I built a website for my village, http://dharmaram.info

Just wanted to appreciate for the things do did for your school. Great Job!