Sunday, March 22, 2009

Money Effect in politics

The more you observe politics in andhra pradesh, more you will understand the money effect. If you want to contest from a major political party, you need to shed out around 2 to 5 crore of rupees. Incredible. If we take average as 3 crore, around 300 seats and 3 major parties, 3*300*3 = 2700 crore. (to make simple math took 300 as no. of seats instead of 294 the actual number).

There is around 2500 to 3000 crore political market around there. I am wondering what can we do with this amount.

Then add around 10 for campaigning, its really big amount right. who said india is going through recession? If I am given a chance, I would keep elections every quarter until the all those political leaders go bankrupt.

For me political leaders are looking like STREET DOGS. It is natural for them to bark and bike people, it is their nature. Some times they form groups and fight among themselves or kill some of them within them selves.

But we must exibit our nature of good human beings. Take the money from each candidate, but do not vote for him/her.

You know what!...street dogs are harmful, but if you train them how to behave, they can be faithful isn't it?

What should we do? will the elections really do magic? if money is the only factor that plays role on who is going to win, then elections do not really matter for the real benefit of the state and people.

Let us try to understand the system and the rules. If we start playing them properly, everyone has to bend and do their duty and make the society free from corruption.

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