Friday, March 06, 2009

Politricks and possible solution

If you are native of Andhra pradesh state in India, you are for a sure confusion about the politricks played by various political parties. It all started with the present chief minister who promised too many things in the last elections. Now opposition parties are left to repeat the same thing.

My thought process on the present political system and the problems around it, is that, just because I like a particular leader, I must not endorse every silly mistake that leader or his party is doing. It will lead nowhere.

I see everyone expressing helplessness. Corruption is a very much known issue and almost all the political parties are part of it.

What should we do? should we cancel all present parties and their leaders? it is not going to work out.

The best alternative I can think of is to change the rules of the game, not players. The same players will be there but when rules change, we get the result we want (state and people getting the result).

Few steps towards it:

1. Automate all processes in the bureaucracy and legislation. Reduce the human intervention and make everything transparent. If outgoing is barred because of some reason, I call my mobile operator, if he says it takes 2 days, I have to wait, no other way. Similarly every service offered by government and its bodies must have very much clearly defined SLAs.

2. Make simple processes. Let us not invent too many schemes. Even if there are too many govt schemes, let the model behind those schemes be simple that can be understood by common man (should I say common woman :-), tomorrow being womens day).

3. Flat hierarchy, let the hierarchy of the govt be as simple as possible.

4. Integrated service centers:

We must have a learning from the present customer care centers of Mobile/Phone operators and similar services. it is clear to every phone user, where to go and complain or get a particular service from his phone/mobile operator like changing a handset or change scheme, change address etc.

Government must have Integrated service centers on population size basis. Something like for every 2000 people there can be one service centers. Every activity related with the execution/administration of the governement should happen from there. This might include Displaying Government Orders, Electoral updations, Bill payments, complaints, new requests(electricity, water,phone etc), clearance certificates etc.

When I first discussed this idea with some collegues of me, we have done some basic calculation, we can really do wonderful job, if we can spend around 300 crore rupees every year. This includes employment to around 20,000 people. Mind you this employmnent is based on normal education like +2 or graduation. Basic computer operating skills are required but not mandatory.People can be trained.
around 50 crore rupees for building/integrating software solutions to achieve the functionality. around 50 crores for building rentals/stationary/misc expenses while 100 to 150 crores will be for salaries and some buffer amount.

It will take around 6 months to 1 year to productize the concept from inception (provided we have approvals and budget allocated).

But this will bring down all the perils of present system. Now every person knows where to get his grievances addressed. Every silly problem need not get attention of chief minister or opposition leaders

5. Empowered committee on Political promises and validations:
A committee should be formed with all powers to validation manifesto documents of each political party, no party can publish their manifesto without approval from this committee.

Every rupee income and expense must be published along with beneficiary information to general public, so every political party will have access to this information so that they can plan their manfesto/list of promises. No promise by any party should be like a magic. Everything should be based on the factual information.

Members of this committee should be eminent personalities in the political system and should represent all sections of the society. I think I need some home work on how these members need to be picked and making sure these people do not favour a party or set of sections in the society. Because otherwise it becomes like any other ordinary committee and the ruling party makes it a meaningless one.

We know mostly we cann't expect surprises in our system. I cannot expect a great leader coming out all of sudden from no where.
But with all our limitations what we can do is to spend some effort and do is change the rules so as it really benifits the people and political parties will be like trusties. you know what, if we implement these ideas, it is like 'Shubham' card in the last scene of a great movie isn't it?


రౌతు విజయకృష్ణ said...

i guess You too , must be an idiot like me :)
Good mental work dude.
soon I publish it to my friends

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