Thursday, June 04, 2009

SSA(Sarva shiksha Abhiyan) Procedure on community projects

At last we got the mehdipatnam school work started by another contractor.Privious contractor intentionally delayed the work even after having the payment done before itself.

it is painful process but if you have the desire to help the society it is a good effort. Please see if you can help some govt school by constructing class rooms or so and get the children from these schools get good education. It helps building our nation.

Well, here is the procedure (as i thought) for the same. SSA (Sarva Shikha Abhiyan) and RVM (Rajiv Vidya Mission) are names represent same govt entity.

1. Identify the work to be done (school related work).
2. Decide on what % of expense the group can bear. 20:80 or 30:70 etc.
3. Approach district SSA office with a request letter for the work with your organization credentials. Attach artifacts of previous history and activities of the group that are relevant.
4. SSA District office head is 'Project Officer'. SSA will take time 1 to few weeks to visit the school and identify the need. Also basic design etc will be done by SSA engineers. We need to discuss on the partnership (on contributions of either parties)
5. //Regular follow up might be required. Get the contact numbers of the people in SSA office (project officer, S.E, Deputy Engineer, Assist.Engineer, Draft man etc.
6. Proposal will have 2 approvals, financial and technical. There are some rules like if the work is below 5 lakh or so D.E. approval is sufficient else, it also has to get S.E approval etc. I am just giving example and the actual procedure could be little different.
7. Drafting & Engineering team will provide the estimates.
8. We need to enter into agreement with SSA. Agreement will be signed by the voluntary group representative and the district collector. District collector is the chairman of district level SSA but the actual work will be executed by SSA Project officer himself (mostly).
9. MOU (agreeement) , work order letter (signed by project officer),estimates design will be provided by SSA office.
10. Please get all the relevant details of plan and design at minute level. Otherwise there will be issues on the quality. steel thickness, cement etc.
11. SSA engineers will come to the location and explain the work related details and hand over the location to voluntary group.
12. It is the responsibility of the voluntary group to take ownership of the work and execute it. If the group is not into construction field (most probably), we need to outsource the work to contractor and deal with him abt the work. It is the responsibility of the voluntary group to take care of the work. SSA engineers will super wise anyway.
13. SSA will release funds in phased manner (after raising columns, slab, walls.. ) check the details in the beginning or while getting work order. Please do not hesitate to ask, in case if you are not sure what need to be done or what is the further course of action.
14. Voluntary group has to start the work with its contribution and SSA funds will be coming in the way as work progresses.
15. There will be time lines in MOU document, but extension can be sought in case if we are not able to meet.
16. Most importantly, have patience, lot of it. Things may not go as we plan, Delays will be common (most the time), Individuals at SSA office are important and their nature as well.

On a side note, there might be informal commissions to SSA people, it is a practical issue that need to be dealt carefully. If contractor takes the responsibility on this aspect, that is well and good.

In case of big projects, we can make deals where is voluntary group can manage not spending the amount as pledged by it (% of contribution). It depends on how we deal with the contractor. Other side of it is, on some occasions voluntary groups can make profits :-). You get a 1 crore work and get it done in 60 lakhs or so, then u have profit (without contributing to it). It is sad, but I heard it is possible.

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