Hope and coordination Helps Pakistan and India

At last "kasab" is confirmed as pakistani. But what next? should we attack Pakistan and ruin it or keep blaming it? We must see Pakistan as a very critical neighbour in very critical condition. It is time Indian government show more hope and try coordinating with Pakistan some more time. May be a visit of Mr. Singh to Pakistan and meeting the Pakistan high political and military heads help resolve many issues.

World must acknowledge that They created Pakistan,and it has grown to such a condition where it has become more dangerous than any nuclear bombs that exists in this world. Its political system is very weak. I seriously doubt if their military arms are in control by their heads.

Mumbai attacks might have had serious support from inside people,but may be on their personal account. There might not be a state support, there may be also.

A war will lead us no where. It is like two families fighting each other. Winning condition is always that "No one should lost". A very difficult condition, but it is true. Both these countries are highly populated and any step towards war will leave many dead and wounded and that is NO GOOD for any country.

Probably India should be more clever. Put its people across Pakistan, help Pakistan grow as a stable country and its political leadership. Grow some good thoughts in their minds and get them good visibility in the world. "Make it your partner, not enemy"

India could help Pakistan by providing required help to meet their power,fuel requirements and other commodities. Treat Pakistan a union of Indian states and then you start providing them more help.

Humanity should win. Terrorism is like cancer, we must have treatment, but not kill the patient.


Hi Hari,

I believe with what you mentioned on sending resources and educating them on how to be humans. But, one can't teach insane. The state of Pakistan and its rulers lost sanity.

Though the war will not end in a win-win situation, at lease we know the loss and we can predict the outcome and result. There is an element of certainty and hope.
This is better than restricting a civilian movement to Park, Hotel and Train stations.

Vivekanand Chittampally
Hari Mallepally said…
Thanks Vivek for reading the post and commenting on it, I understand your thoughts.While I still do not think WAR is the best solution we can have, It is good to have healthy discussions.

Anyways, the pressure seems to be working. We might be safe for some time (till every one forgets about Mumbai attacks, just to get up another fine morning to read about more attacks in the future).

Pakistan can make the stand it is taking a reality. If they kill all the suspects, they can convince the world that Pak has nothing with the mumbai blasts.

WAR or not, let us hope we will not get further attacks on our people.

btw there was an intersting blog http://kashmir.wordpress.com,you may want to read it to have a glance of what the seperatist minds are thinking about kashmir.

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