Thursday, January 01, 2009

Into another new year

Hmm, days and months passed by and the year 2008 is over. Another year with lots of changes, activities.

Jan 1st, I have celebrated at Darul shifa govt blind school (behind salajung museum) along with TMAD group.

Couple of snaps:

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We spent time interacting with the students, understanding their ambitions, requirements and exploring their talent etc. It was nice to be there on January 1st. It gave a scope to understand a different angle of the life.

During the interaction, best answer I can remember is (question is "what do you do you want to become in your life?")," I will go home and play with my neighbouring kids". This is what a 1st grade student can think of about his life :-). Murali was right in saying, "don't worry much about your aim and all, there is still time for it. But then those who want to make difference in his/her life and the future of the world, an early ambition is always good (provided we work on it without forgetting).

Thanks Satyakrishna for all your initiative for this trip.

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