Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04, sweet but painful...

I upgraded my laptop from ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 that is released recently. Downloaded the DVD image and burnt into DVD and upgraded to 9.04. It removed few issues that i felt always with 8.10. Most important one is too much of boot up time. This issue is fixed with 9.04.

But then I had altogether new set of issues. I actually had 8.10 kubuntu, then installed gnome desktop, then it became ubuntu. Also installed Eduntu stuff and lot of community stuff (whether i used it or not, installed lot of software that I felt useful).

So though the migration was easy, 2 days back when I hibernated my laptop, it didn't come up again.
It was a touch thing for me. Used the DVD and tried to rescue the laptop. There was some problem with Xserver and then with usplash.. After few trial and errors it looked fine. Hibernated session was restored back.

This time, i thought of removing software that i am not using at all. But it caused one more major issue, that is blank screen issue. It looks fine while booting but you never get a login screen, few flickerings and then dark screen. Not something to enjoy.

Another few hours of additional effort. removed Xserver, kde, gnome desktop, installed gnome again followed by Xserver. And my laptop is back to normal and it is faster and easier experience with Ubuntu.

If it was not Ubuntu, it would have been very difficult to resolve the issue. Importantly If you are left with no solution other than re-installing the OS which will erase your valuable data from disk (or get another hard disk and take backup before you re-install OS).

I wanted no OS installation as I do not have another hard disk :-(. I am still a poor IT guy.

it was painful comeback, but now ubuntu looks cool. Well, getting software for free itself is like a magic and getting a system that serves most of your needs without paying a penny is always great. :-)

Ubuntu zindabad.

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