Mixed results

I am kind of disappointed to see the congress getting power again in the state. While I do not have proper alternative, Future of the state is might be at risk. I have suffered enough while dealing with govt offices. Govt employees are not doing their jobs well. Most of the offices are highly corrupted, if the same trend continues, it might not be good for the state. One of my neighbour was telling that state needs around 30k crores of rupees immediately to put things in place. Is Y.S.R govt going to get rid of the so called welfare schemes to manage the deficit? or new type of taxes?

May be politics are like that, It is difficult to get the right people at the right place. I strongly believe Y.S.R alone cannot make the state better. Throwing money and building some huge canals/dams certainly helps but that is not 100% of what state really needs.

Everyone must have rights and responsibilities. Exposing people to only one side (rights) may not be the right thing.

In may places in the state, it might be difficult to get water, but easy to a beer. There are many things. But I think money has power wins you more power. It might be true in politics.

Attributing reasons for grand alliance failures or congress success is like doing posts mortem which does not help to the state.

At the same time, I am happy to see UPA doing better at the center. What india needs is a stable government. I really do not bother which party is leading it.


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