2015 An year of surprises

The year 2015 has been full of surprises for me both good and bad. Interestingly I continued the same Job through out the year and worked with a good team that I could mentor and we delivered really good through out the year.  That is on the professional front.

Planned gkey (Key to Government) project but couldn't deliver, that makes me another failing entrepreneur, I still feel I can deliver something good and all my efforts should be towards the same.

My mother's health was a matter of concern, but could spend better time in the village. Needed to fight with agencies causing trouble to my mother. It still pains me how the government employees are a big failure in terms of treating people properly.  We are living in a highly corrupted society (including all of us), I did complain to the CM asking his apologies. It is not just about  my mother but every other aged person who is making rounds to government offices for person or loan waiver or what ever govt schemes are.  It took more than 3 months for me earlier to get legal heir certificate from MRO office. But there is still good. The system works even now. Mostly on escalations, either you bribe good money or escalate it to higher authorities (Like I did by writing to District Collector and a memo to MRO office did the trick. It felect like an achievement but these guys can grow. Our so called leaders who want to make "Singapore" or "Dubai" need to have an education about the the current system and what we have in place.

Oops, I can not write my annual summary without cribbing about the system, I almost stopped worrying about the system but then system started troubling me to keep me active against it. We are in a hurry to build a system of something else, while there are some positives in the western world, we are highly discounting the negativities.

It looks like I should jump into politics, i might do some time in my life. We need "true leaders" who do not want to "grow their family wealth", it is time generate new set of leaders.

Back to life, kids are growing fast, I simply love them for what ever they are growing into. Abhi the beyond the age technical guy who can understand most of the machines that he has access to. He knows how to use skype, whatsapp, scanning etc. Adith is too. Kids are now into 3rd and 1st standard.  It looks like we are able find ourselves as a better family.

Well, accidentally I happened to make it into USA which I never wanted or thought I will opt for. The client I started working with wanted me here and then made 3 trips to USA (3rd one being on work VISA). Surprises and surprises, from a leading tech manager/architect to angular developer which sounds awkward. Spending weeks of time with high unproductive hours sounds awkward to me.

TMAD has been part of me, we have been helping many people, personally I am more interested with poor talented students who are not getting required visibility. I and TMAD can provide interest free loan without any guarantee needed but with trust. If you are reading this and know someone disparate  and talented. But please note I am not Chandra babu or KCR to run political freebies program, so we are not having "free money" to distribute but just to help people so as they get benefit and then we keep helping other people. 

I might bring family to USA or might go back to India, but 2016 is going to different for me. Need to work on training modules on the latest technologies while still continuing the employment. Lately I don't enjoy much of living for someone else dream.

Happy new year and god bless all.


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