Thursday, February 04, 2016


Its new client this February with new domain (SDN - Software Defined Networks)  through Innominds.

First thing I like with Infinera is the bus route. VTA 26 goes straight without any deviations (unlike 55) and takes around 15 min of journey on bus from fair oaks to java drive, that is really cool.

Other real cool thing for me with this bus is, it actually gets filled unlike the 55 which often looks like my  private charter bus.

Infinera, for me looks like mini cisco, they got all kinds of devices for networking and are getting ready for all kinds of high speed networks for the future. Looks interesting (and bit alien for me because of the fact that I come from applications domain).

The first 2 days of training by Ron Litchy on agile was very good. I really enjoyed to an extent that I went ahead and created a website ( taking cue from the training. Agile/Scrum is something most often talked about (well, as kashyap says on his FB shared article about recruiting in HR sector, every executive thinks he is doing good business while trying to still figure how how to do business, anecdote he compared was teenage sex, everyone thinks everyother person doing it and so they pretend they are doing it as well while no one really know how to do it :-) ).

For me agile is also looks something similar.  Even for people who are practising it for years, there are so many questions on "how to do it". For me agile is something that keeps the best come out of everybody, no more lazy managers (project managers or product managers) while keeping developers busy all the time.  On the other side, it makes sure we have better work life balance all the time as we always plan things well and more often.

So it is going to be interesting domain for me. I am still waiting for the Philippines decision though.

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