Digital Harbor

In few days from now I am going to leave Bangalore. It was nice working with Digital Harbor. A place where I lived not just worked. I had all kinds of people. I fought with almost every one in the office (for office work,but often misunderstood). I had elations when my code worked and when things didnt work, it really sucked.

It was altogether a different and pecular experience. From a services background coming to a product company just for a change.... but later on growing love on the product..learning it bit by bit, and again into services team using the same product, I learned and tried to contribute the the product.

The Composite Applications domain is a vast one having bright future. For Digital Harbor, the only concern is what we are aiming at? is it the big pie of the total market, or just want to be a player in the market with few clients? or make ROI look interesting some how and sell it to somebody.

I am not much aware of the long term goals of the company, but this is the right time to make it effective in the market. Like its happening, grab few clients and get good references and get more clients which inturn makes the investors happy and keeps company goals alive.

Regarding the work, I almost forgot my JFC (swings) knowledge before joining DH, in link analysis tool development I reviewed my core java knowledge and made the design with the partial understanding about the component development. we happen to do changes few times interms of design.
Good thing about my contribution in LAT component is that most of the code I have written is left as it is!. LAT is one thing which saw wrath of everyone. nobody liked it at some part of time. There was Brandon who helped in certain aspects of coding.
he was like teacher to me. He is great guy who worked extensively on JAVA and Open Source. I am using Smart CVS now instead of winCVS because of Brandon. And yes i made some of the other developers use the same tool as their CVS client.

Other works involve some changes in ASK and then importantly BOA application.Both were good learnings. in ASK I learned understanding the code (without any docs) and in BOA, a simple design and then implementation etc something similar to all most all SDLC steps.

BOA work is something that interested me much. Becuase I liked it doing as quickly as possible, i stayed all nights in office few weeks.Design concept was easy and good. I had discussions with Bala several times on it.

Gaurav is a nice boss to have. Though we havent talked that often,we were in sync almost all the time in work related thoughts. That is a good learning for me. Its very essential to understand things first before doing anything.

Many guys lent help when I was in trouble. Bhagat,Gaurav,Bala,Ajay, Vikram,Neil, Krishna, Mike,Wes,Russ, Ryan & KK etc. I think if i have to name all of them, it will be the almost DH employee list, :-). In India,All the people (Engineering and QA) helped me lot. Thank you all for your support.

It was great to be in Digital Harbor (No flattery but truth). Good product and great concept. I will be proud to say "I worked for DH" now and in future too.


adarsh said…
was that adieu mail u have/going to send

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