Leader - The Managed show

I have seen the "Leader" Sekhar kammula movie. Unlike the previous movies of Sekhar, this one looks pretty much managed.

Though the title says "Leader", movie begins on how the Hero candidate manages CM post after his CM dad death. He buys power, he bargains deals and then in the last few minutes of this 2.5 hrs movie, he realizes that he is almost in his father's line (of allowing corruption etc, kind of forced to let things happen to keep in power), then orders ACB raids on all political leaders and MLAs with a resignation preplanned.

Too much of unwanted drama, no major songs and dance scenes or commedy, its too much of a documentary movie rather than a main stream movie that can pull crowds to theatre.

Too slow movie and then suddenly in the last few minutes too much happens with just a background music, too bad for Sekhar. Looks like he didn't get a chance to apply his heart into the movie under big banner. Unwanted love track with no link to the main plot, that too of a young CM. Not convincing at least to me.

Title actually contradicts, It could have been "Political Manager".


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