Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A visit to hyderabad

Or actually a visit to Bholakpur is more opt title for this post. My dairy project is still getting delayed so I wanted to buy the material required for the shed and my brother took me to bholakpur area where there are lot of small shops that sell new and used steel/iron material. we needed 30 2.5 inch pipes and some 1.5 inch pipes.

If we see the small streets in the hyderabad (even begum bazar,troup bazar and surrounding areas are like that).

These lanes are very narrow, and some of them are not even with proper road (today the areas I went around are having the narrow roads also dug up for water or some other repair works). Yet they are successful business centers. We get to see people doing rupee margin businesses around begum bazar (but again don't venture into that area for shopping if you do not know how to bargain).

With curfew in most of the old city areas in the last week (even this week but at nights), there is a major blow to the business of thousands. Really sad. I pray god that some day humans do understand humanity.

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