Reservations and rains

Two things that got my attention in recent days are reservations for BC/OBC and the rains that started troubling some of indian cities.

Reservations, its very much confusing for me, why they are raising this issue now and govt is looking forward to implement more resevations in premier institutes of india like IITs,IIMs, IISc, AIIMS etc. I was thinking that politicians say all stupid stories and promise the world in their election manifesto. I have not seen any party that came to power doing some thing seriously on what they promised to people before election. But to it is surprising to see the hectic actions of central govt. to implement the reservations. The striking doctors and tech students really troubled some parts of the country. Many govt hospitals didnt function at all for some days and poor patients were suffering.

It is always the poor who suffer come what ever may be it is!

The rains, last time Bombay suffered a lot. There is no proper planning of drainage systems in many of our indian cities. Bangalore too, is will have to face the wrath with heavy showers.

Personal side, I am happy to see my parents moving into the newly constructed house in my village. It was tough task for me to build a house for them but then its done.
I am happy about it.


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