hectic weekend

It was very much hectic weekened for me, dirving around 300 km on bike (to & fro to native place) and meeting many relatives at the 11th day ceremony of my grand father. come across differetn set of people with different life styles and views. Wanted to post a big blog today on the trip but help up with lot of work to do that.

I was thinking of my blog and comparing with some other blogs, I think my blog will never be interesting. there is not much stuff into it which could entertain other people. I just want to remind myself of my thoughts and thought blog could be a nice media to do that.

There is lot of stress (as it has been) around. lot of commitments and less energy and time. one cause of me gettings tressed is that while attending to my commitments, i always expected something, interestingly they might not be met which will cause more confusion and stress. Am i in the right path? or am i doing right thing? a question that eats my mind severly some time.

There is one interesting observation about me, i was feeling a kid (or dependant on parents etc) for most of my life,and all of sudden lot of FF(fast forward) happened and now I became a responsible person to take care of parents, brothers etc. Am i missing a normal life? just wondering. for sure i need to reduce expecations on others and need to have more socialization with my own self. Got to concentrate more on tech stuff which could get me rid of the stress that is getting accumulated. need some emotional relaxation. Got to learn feeling comfortable with the existing system, but at the same time, i will never be happy to die without making some different in this world. so there are going to be tough times ahead, and i am looking forward positively.


adarsh said…
so when are you changing this world?

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