A trip to kanyakumari

Last weekend was very interesting,because i went to kanyakumari and because i went along with sudharshan.

Looks like meenakshi wanted to see us, so we landedup up at meenakshi kovil some how (in search of ATM). Then we spent couple of hours at the temple. It was really a wonderful experience. Then we started on 4th feb night to kanyakumari, we reached there by morning (5th feb) 4AM. we got ready and were in eagerly waiting for sunrise.
But SUN felt shy of us, and he didnt show up till the noon. Sudharshan was telling me " I wont leave him, i will see when ever he comes up". Then the jetty trip to vivekananda rocks, and thiruvalluvar statue was interesting. the vivekanada memorial and the dyana mandapam were really good to visit.

we spent some time in the silent environment of meditation center.

Apart from this, the Kanyakumari temple(i didnt know how the name came to this place, and used to wonder both "kanya" and "kumari" give same meaning. but now its a goddess name, and i am clear of this name to this particular place), the gandhi memorial etc were interesting to see.

Well,somebody was telling me, the three seas (bea of bengal, arabian sea, indian ocean) waters are in different colors. we saw some red/blue waters.(we got to interpret them as different sea waters).

But back in bangalore, somebody was telling me, its we who named the sea. (like indian ocean, bay of bengal, arabian sea) etc. so it might be imaginative to say at kanyakumari 3 seas meet.

A nice trip. touching thing at kanyakumari was the memorial erected for tsunami victims.

Other pictures of the visit can be found at my photo blog


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