Dear Friend

Dear Friend . . .

We might not meet, we might not chat,
But we would still be friends,
You better don't forget that..

Times would go passing by,
Changes would come with you and I,
Our lives destiny would shape,
As with time progress we make.

Distance would take us away miles & miles,
We might not even see each others smiles.
We might not help each other;
But still let not,
Our friendship wither..

Remember the moments which we share..
No matter, now you are where
You would then miss me
But in your memories I will be..

The magic of friendship would call me

And I would miss you then
Together we would be when. .

An email forward from kiran I felt this is very much relevant (when i think of my close friends) so posting it on my blog.


adarsh said…
There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no Friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth

This was one of my friend's status message on google talk..

It made me think for a while.. isn't it absolutely true that behind every friendship there is atleast a minute self-interest...
Hari Mallepally said…
yes adarsh. but it is true that there ll be some self interest. some might look for comfort, some may expect consolation, some might expect praise or some other benefit.

But then, onething is true, without interest there is no meaning to life

so friendship does need a reason or an interest.
adarsh said…
so u mean..
once the need is over or interests change....will u break the friendship...?
will u continue it just becoz it fulfilled ur needs in the past..???
Hari Mallepally said…
my needs are more of emotional. I never leave a friend. But wont be able to resist a friend who got new interests or new friends and want to leave me.

Saddest part of any relationship is getting apart. glass items look beautiful but are painful when they are broke. same way any relationship too.

Only thing i expect a friend to have is to bear with me. I want to be fair and frank with every one. So as long as you can bear with me you can consider that I will be your friend for ever, come what ever may be!

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