I like hyderabad more than Chennai and Bangalore. The place which has seen my over all transition. I was here first time, after my +2, to attend APRDC exam and then for my PG entrance preparation. When I go through the streets i used to walk (new maruthi nagar, Chaitanyapuri) I get some kind of warm feeling. Afcourse often i lose my way in the city(latest being yesterday night, I am supposed to take a U turn at Hyd Central, but landed up taking a right turn which took me to Ameerpet, Adarsh & and srinu have to wait for me near lifstyle for some time :-).
couple of months back, I landed up at Charminar instead of reaching Dilsukh nagar.
When ever i take a wrong route, I open the Google Earth and check where i did the mistake, often a simple mistake of picking the wrong road when landed up at some multi road junction.

Most of the time, when i ask any one for direction they will say promptly, "seedhe chaloo". It holds good most of the cases. One just need to drive straight (roads are slightly curvy some times, but as long as you dont hit a cross road or a signal you can assume that you need to drive straight).For the first timers, this "seedhe chaloo" direction surely will land up in trouble. And also there may not be any relation between the street addresses/road numbers and actual placement of the locality. I looked at Google earth and road no 1 (banjara hills) was near to masabtank fly over. I needed to go to road number 2, so i went all the day to masabtank fly over and took a left.... then to nagarjuna cirlce again left....... then landed up near jublee checkpost, which is 3 or 4 km from my house at shaikpet nala.

I like riding to office everyday. The 6 lane road which is mostly empty, tempts you like anything often leaving you to work more with throttle. But always one need to be cautious, because the roads are equally deceptive. You never know when some scooter wall surface infront of you all sudden crossing the road. hyderabad traffic sense is altogether different when compared to other place,here most of the time it is right if you overtake the other vehicle from left side.

advantage of being in hyderabad is I can visit most of the relatives and pay visits to bhallan pally often. Soon I want to cover most of the important routes of the city so that i never need to land up with wrong destination.

One other thing i like here the pani poori that i get for just 3 bucks.

some of the place, where i have been there..


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