Its been slightly relaxing time for me. Though officially i am on bench i am doing something or the other. It is nice to see the kind of stuff that is coming to me, work related with different aspects fo SDLC. working on a proposal, going thru an RFP, fixing some important bugs and reviewing some DB aspects of an application, some R & D on capacity planning and learning of DOTNET technologies (just begin doing it).

Sudharshan is back to college for his final year MCA while Shiva entered into his school life (He joined LKG last month). It is again one more season for my parents and they already started their routine life. They are ploughing and started seeding crops for this season. Ofcourse this is where i am slightly differing from other guys. I didnt want them to end their active life by shifting to city. I wanted them to persue their own goals. Till now they have been struggling to run family. pay fee for our education etc. It is now time for them to think of their own capabilities and achieve something which will really give them some satisfaction.

Life is boring some times,especially in the weekend. Hemanth's manager was asking their team members not to overstay in the office (altogether a different Project Manager i have ever seen). Hmm it is always wondeful to work in 8 to 5 shift. I always felt like I have almost half a day left for me when i reach home by 5.30PM.
But then what should one do when he has not much to do at home. I cant go and distrub people (relatives or friends) on working days, they will be busy). No movies in recent months, i saw mahesh babu last movie (probably that is the latest for me) but now even "POKIRI" is also becoming an old movie :-).

My search for a life partner is still on, I dont know where that person is but eagerly waiting to see her as soon as possible. Yes even i am getting some time to think of myself. :-).

One important event that is happening around is the Silver jubilee of infy.
I love these big people, NRN, bill gates, buffet etc. They have achieved something of their own and have strong social conscienceness. I like them for what they are.
Unlike the Premzi, Mittal etc who are more focussed on their shareholders stakes (they themselves r the share holders in their organizations) and mean business.
Ofcourse this is out of my understanding of things and happenings.

Here is the mail Infoscians got this week from NRN.



Your blog is really interesting. I think I remember you. You were also in Cybernet, Mylapore right.

Venky (aka) Venkateswari, was in my team, Synaptris Reporter. I think I know you through her.

How are you? Where are you?

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