It was intersting weekend. It was partly boring too. I went to a restaurant and I went to watch a movie ("POKIRI" of Mahesh babu). both of them i think for the first time.
:-). Not that i never been to restaurant or a movie, but i never went alone. This time i went myself (It was interesting to go alone, but not that adviceable :-) )
It was on satuday night.

On sunday evening went to Central, and shoppers stop, did lot of window shopping. There was nothing that prompted me to buy there :-).

Other interesting thing is a gal from bangalore called me and told me that she saw my profile on kakatiya.com (matrimony site), i went thru her profile it looked interested. But later she told her parents are not interested. :-(.

Looks like most of the well educated girls have higher expectations than i can offer.


adarsh said…
story? what story? and who was the audience for that?

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