In recent days I am working on JUNG API (Java graphs API similar to YFiles or Tomsawyer API). It was slightly difficult because of the less support available and not so useful documentation, if we want to do something on our own. But at the same time sample programs were really useful.It took few days for me to put up 2 classes and with my thoughts and borrowed pieces of code from other sample programs.. Here is my output.

The recent bomb blast at Mumbai local trains is really a sad experience. As expected again the fingers are pointing to Pakistan. Arent we capable of securify our own nation? This is something we have to pay thoughts into. yes many people may want to some something bad to us, and they are successful in most of the cases. It doesnt even require much effort to frighten us. Does it mean we are so fragile nation which cant do anything on its own? I am not sure, but we have been reactive in almost all the cases. The great leaders whom we praise all the time, are the source of all these issues. If we had resolved Kashmir issue in the budding stage, we could have been in better position. We India and Pakistan were single entity, we never need to look at somebody else to help or support us. We could have been a super power. The Nehru, who wanted glorification of his own self, stopped our army occupying full kashmir... The result.. everyday killings are a back page news now.
Gandhi who was after non violence was not able to stop bifurcation of the nation. Wasnt that a failure and all those big leaders of that times responsible for that fialure? how beautiful present could have been, if India and pakistan were together.

it is high time for us all indians to think of our own safety. to stop our own brother and sisters planting bombs in our own places just for some money that they might get from terrorist groups etc..

Just like any other nation we are proud of ourself, true. But are we really respecting our selves? Starvations, suicides, militancy, unemployment, unwanted cultural deviations.. What do they say?

Mittal, Ambanis, Tatas and Birlas, the IT companies like TATA, Infosys,Wipro, Satyam HHCL etc.. are doing well on the corporate side. But the division of poor and rich is too growing. Are we paying attention at this? We need to do something seriously to make our country prosper in all fields.

A mail from Pandu anna says "GROWING OLDER IS MANDATORY. GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL". True isnt it?


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